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Nonetheless, many readers implicitly question the intelligence of someone who routinely misspells words in written business communications. When communicating with customers it is vital to avoid misspellings in order to project the best possible image of your company. This is especially the case for Interaction Center agents who communicate with customers on a daily basis via email and Web chat. Hence, it is no surprise that one of the most commonly asked questions by customers is, “does SAP CRM and/or the Interaction Center provide spell checking?”. The short answer is “no.” The longer answer is “yes.” And the real answer is somewhere between.

SAP CRM does not provide any spell checking tools, and there is no built-in spell checker in the Interaction Center. However, there are several options for using spell checking with both the Interaction Center WebClient and CRM WebClient.

Third-Party Spell Check Integration with Interaction Center E-Mail Editor

As described in SAP note 1083520, “Wintertree spell checker integration for IC WebClient,” it is possible to integrate a third party spell checker from into the Interaction Center Email Editor. You must have a valid license key as well as the “Sentry Spelling Checker Engine Java SDK 5.10” software package from Wintertree. The package includes some of the files required for the integration; the rest of the required files are attached to the note.

Browser Spell Checking for CRM WebClient (CRM 2006s and 2007) and Interaction Center WebClient

Mozilla Firefox 2.0 provides built-in spell checking that works with all Web browser form fields including both E-Mail Editor and Chat Editor in the Interaction Center, as well as the various “notes” field in the Interaction Record, Service Ticket, and other business transactions. which is also supported by SAP CRM as described in note 1114557. Below is a screenshot showing the spell check functionality of Mozilla Firefox inside the Interaction Center.


Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 / 7.0 does not include out of the box spell checking functionality. However, various third-party extensions are available to provide spell checking functionality, such as the ieSpell, IE7Pro, Google Toolbar, etc.  Below is a screenshot showing the ieSpell functionality with Internet Explorer inside the Interaction Center.

Note: As described in SAP note 1169573, you must apply SAP note 1169540 in order to use certain third-party spell check tools that require right-click context menus. By default, contexts menus are not enabled by SAP for Internet Explorer when using the SAP BTF Editor control which is used by applications such as the Interaction Center E-Mail Editor.


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  1. Former Member
    We have been looking at this very topic, and it is useful to know that there are solutions out there.

    I’d be interested to know if anybody has achieved an on-house solution.

    1. John Burton
      Post author

      Yes, the note that you refer to was developed for CRM 2006s/CRM 2007 and has not been specifically adapated for CRM 7.0. As the code base is somewhat similar between releases, the note could probably be adapted with some small modifications. However, SAP Development has not updated the note for CRM 7.0 — perhaps due to the fact that many people are using the native browser spell check features.

    1. John Burton
      Post author

      Hello Ravi,

      Yes, I believe the colleagues from the CRM WebClient UI team have developed and are working on some predictive text / type-ahead features for certain fields. Although I don’t have the details myself, I assume this will be mainly focused on specific fields with underlying ABAP table entries (like One Order description) and not intended for free-text fields (like the Notes fields). But I’m really not the expert here, so I probably shouldn’t comment.



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