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Update:  What where we thinking putting our application deadline on the US Tax Day 🙁 Our sincere apologies. New Deadline for your application is 22nd of April. 

My theory is, that through social software/media like SDN the line between Customers, Partners and SAP is blurring. We are all in it together to solve customer problems. Here is an offer that would not have been possible without SDN and I am totally looking forward to see teams of developers mixed from customers, partners and SAP Labs compete for a couple of days to come up with a cool software solution.


Do you love a challenge? Are you hungry for recognition as one of Silicon Valley’s best and brightest? Want to create cool, cutting-edge software? 


Apply for the 2008 SAP Developer Challenge, a showdown of wits and bits that brings together a select group of developers to collaborate and compete to develop an innovative enterprise-software prototype. We’re looking for developers with a track record of delivering inventive solutions that exemplify Best Run SAP values – agility, high performance, simplicity, co-innovation, and passion.


In previous years, the Developer Challenge was open only to SAP internal developers, but in 2008, coders from SAP customer and partner companies in North America will also participate. The new format will foster collaboration and co-innovation with customers, partners, and SAP, and allow you to tap into the collective knowledge and passion of the industry’s top talent. 


The 2008 SAP Developer Challenge will take place June 5 though June 9 (including the weekend) on the SAP Labs Palo Alto campus. Please submit your application by the April 15 22, 2008 deadline. A selection committee comprised of SAP executives and senior development managers will evaluate all applications and select the 60 best and brightest developers to participate.


So, apply for the 2008 SAP Developer Challenge today, and see how you rate against the best software engineers in the industry. And get ready for a fun, inspiring event!


This year’s topics are Green IT, Social Computing, and Mobilizing SAP. Teams may choose one topic, or work on a solution that addresses any combination of two or – better yet – all three! 


Green IT

It’s possible to redesign a value chain for environmental conservation, by analyzing and managing emissions output and energy consumption of supply chain and business operations, products, and services. IT plays a critical role. Business applications can reduce emissions and improve energy efficiency, ultimately contributing to the reduction of greenhouse gasses. The challenge is to deliver a new or improved business application for the enterprise that has the potential to make SAP a thought leader in this emerging space. Examples might include:


  • Environmental accounting
  • Operations optimization from an environmental perspective
  • Carbon-credit management and trading; energy management
  • Hazardous materials tracking
  • Green product design
  • Lifecycle analysis
  • Corporate social responsibility reporting solutions
  • Cloud computing



Social Computing

Next-generation collaboration takes place both behind and beyond the enterprise firewall, and encompasses social networking, prediction markets, peer-to-peer communities, and more. For this challenge, deliver an SAP product or service that facilitates this new kind of collaboration in the enterprise. Examples might include:


  • A plug-in for Confluence to enable crowd-sourcing
  • An application that analyzes chat patters and generates alerts based on urgency thresholds.
  • Central profile server enhancement for Harmony social networking application that improves online representation management inside and outside the firewall.



Mobilizing SAP

This challenge focuses on applications and/or widgets that extend the value of SAP core systems through mobile devices. Examples might include:

  • A mobile widget engine for Webkit-based and Opera browsers.
  • A platform for users to create iPhone applications by pulling data from SAP systems.


I think this is a really cool project and I am a bit bummed, that I can’t participate myself. It will probably be the coolest thing you do this year, so please apply and see you all early June. 

P.S. I usually avoid bringing a post to the front page again, but made an exception as the deadline got pushed. Sorry if you have seen it before.

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    1. Mark Finnern Post author
      Hi Twan,

      Sorry for the late reply. It is an initiative from SAP Labs in Palo Alto. Unfortunately at the moment there is no push from SAP Europe to have a similar event. May be if we are really successful with this one we will next year. No guarantees.

      Al the best, Mark. 

  1. The concept behind this developers challenge is really anmazing.The blog is also very nice.I have applied for this challenege.How can i know that i have not selected or not.Shall i have to pay any money if i have selected.pls reply me




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