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As Seen on TV: SDN TV presents the Geek Gap

Here is a great opportunity to learn more about the Geek Gap.

What is the Geek Gap? People working in technology and those on the business side seem to have different cultures, almost different worlds, with their own language, accepted as well as expected behaviors. The Geek Gap is the separation, the misunderstanding, the disrespect, and the mistrust that often occurs between these groups.

Although it may appear to be different worlds, these are not separate worlds. These groups work side-by-side and their collective success is very much dependent on their ability to work together. There is a huge price everyone pays when the Geek Gap exists: failed projects, sub-par products, and even loss of jobs.

SDN-TV presents Bill Pfleging and Minda Zetlin, the authors of The Geek Gap, who participated in a recent SAP Salon. They talk about how to recognize the Geek Gap with tips on how to cross this cultural divide. Bill and Minda give some practical steps on how to bridge this gap.

I was lucky enough to be a part of the presentation and afterwards was able to interview the authors in another session that was also recorded.

Learn more through these sessions:

The Salon presentation is a video, 60 minutes in length, called “The Geek Gap: Why Business and Technology Professionals Do Not Understand Each Other and Why They Need Each Other to Survive”.

The entire Geeks and Suits recorded interview with the authors is 26 minutes long.

And for you very busy individuals who only have a couple of minutes, there is an excerpt of the interview that is only 5 minutes long.

Could I ask something from you?

*Would you share your observations about how you perceive this gap between technology and business people?

*Would you be willing to talk about some of the situations you have experienced?

*Do you even think there is something like the Geek Gap?

Certainly, I’d be interested in any reactions you may have to the recorded presentations.

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    I always try to be conscious of the user experience and double-checked the links before I published and well as checking again when receiving your comment. They do seem to be working correctly and all the videos opened up for me.
    As of now, April 14, the Geek Gap presentation is featured on the home page of the BPX site, so you can also access it from there.


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