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[Blog updated 13-Apr-2008: added background, futures and explanations.]

A couple years ago, ASUG and SAP did a bi-weekly webcast of technical topics, titled the “Customer Call Series”.  SAP provided Webex facilities and speakers, ASUG promoted the topics to members.  Sometime in 2007, the series ran out of inertia as it is a big effort to  invite speakers, publicize, manage and  follow up on these (non-paying) events.  Thanks to recent efforts by volunteers, and especially Peter McNulty of SAP, the series is running again, now titled the SAP ASUG NetWeaver call series.

We had used email and spreadsheets in the past to decide on topics, priorities and scheduling, but this was always a headache because of multiple versions, time delays, and change interpretation.  Peter and I agreed to use an SDN wiki to collaborate on webcast plans.   If you want to see what is coming up, what has already been done, and suggest or weigh on on topics/speakers, please visit this wiki page:  SAP ASUG NetWeaver call series.

In order to preempt the question “where can we download the slides?” that always seems to be asked during presentations, I’ve made an effort to obtain and post the material before the webcast, so we can answer the question immediately.  Also, if there are technical glitches, attendees can follow along locally.   The slides for Tom’s presentation on Web Dynpro were uploaded here.  This PDF file was attached to an ASUG discussion forum message thread, so the link may not function in the future.

During Tom Jung‘s 03-Apr-2008 presentation on Web Dynpro, there were chat messages going back and forth.  For the last 10-15 minutes, Thomas read the chat message and answered them live.  Howvever, new messages continued to appear while we were ending the call.  I saved the chat to a local file, and put it in the wiki after post-production work to try to match questions with answers in the chat.  That file is here:

Denim Pennington uploaded a recording of the webcast; links to those files on SDN are in the NetWeaver Call Series page.  There is a time limit on those files, so if you want a copy, maybe you should get them soon.

On Tuesday, April 8th, after post-webcast discussion, Tom Jung and I talked on the phone about subjects brought up on the webcast chat.  I recorded this conversation on an MP3 recorder and then uploaded the podcast to SDN the next day.  There should be a link near the top of this blog, but here it is again: 

All SDNers will enjoy Tom’s  expert insights and advice.


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  1. Marilyn Pratt
    I was impressed by the voice quality and clarity of the two speakers in the podcast.  Hope everyone can access this as easily as I did.  Thanks to you both for doing this and opening this up for other requests.
        1. Jim Spath
          Post author
          Marilyn – Tom was on speaker phone via a conference # on my landline. I switched out another phone that  had an annoying buzz. Jim
  2. Former Member

    Thanks for this -:D I’m already downloading it and tomorrow I’m going to upload it to my IPod…Can’t listen to it at work -:(



  3. Christopher Solomon
    Ooooo so he’s “Tom” now eh? Jung 2.0? haha

    Seriously, thanks for doing this. I know first hand that Mr. Jung can get overwhelmed with his Q&A’s and attendance to his presentations.

    I missed the recent Orlando one, but folks here that attended said Thomas’ presentation was a BIG highlight for them.

    And just a tip, if you want Thomas to keep talking and answering questions, just keep ordering him drinks….wait, maybe that only works in Vegas (re:TechED 2007)! hahaha

  4. Peter Inotai
    Hi Jim,
    Thanks for this very useful video. I didn’t have time watch it all, just quickly checked it.
    Looking forward for similar materials.
    Best regards,
      1. Jim Spath
        Post author
        My Zoom recorder only has microphones, no camera, so if you’re seeing anything on the MP3 file more power to you!  Jim
          1. Jim Spath
            Post author
            Peter – your comments pointed out ambiguities and omissions in my blog announcing the podcast, so I’ve made the text a lot less terse.  Enjoy.  /jim

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