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2007 B is coming!

Whew~finally, the long-waiting email was being sent out yesterday (April 10th): SME Channel Partner Update newsletter to SAP Business One partners:

April 10 SME Channel Partner Newletter Title
2007 B Ramp-up planning on April 21st

well, if you are partners in “B-cluster” countries, AKA APJ+Brazil, you shall read this letter! if you are joining 2007 B ramp-up sooner or later, you shall check out all the relevant links in the mail. The “Learn More” hyperlink will redirect you to 2007 B Landing Page (permanent link:, you need an S-User ID to logon since it’s part of Channel Partner Portal), ALL the information you want to know about 2007 B is out there! 

Since everybody can read, i think i don’t need to iterate the complete structure and contents on this landing page, instead i’d like to point out some easy-to-neglect but really-important corners on the landing page.

  1. Preview Program
    The top-left corner of 2007 B landing page, key dates are listed. You may click the “Available” link next to Preview Program to jump to its landing page, where you can download Preview version of 2007 B and send your feedbacks to SAP (we appreciate it!)

    Preview Program of 2007 B started in January 2008. A common misunderstanding is that Preview Program stops as soon as Ramp-up starts. Not true: Preview Program is still open for partners who are joining ramp-up project, you can still download the preview version and send feedbacks. SAP leverages Preview Program as an important way of collecting feedbacks as ramp-up!
  2. Country Localization Delta Sessions
    The landing page contains 3 tab pages, by default it’s opened in “What’s New” tab which gives you the overview information and top news. Meanwhile, don’t forget to click on the “Localization” tab, where you can download WebEx recorded sessions on country localization enhancements in 2007 B. Franklin Bruno, the Regional Solution Manager in Brazil, did a number of delta sessions on Brazil localization enhancements. I did couple of sessions for China, Japan, Korea and India. We’re not just talking with PPT bullet points, we’re demonstrating in the application. So, just go there!

    BTW, in case you find anything is wrong or missing in the video, please contact me at (appreciate that!)
  3. New How-to Guides
    The documentation team have produced a number of new how-to guides for this release. I understand how-to guide is way easier to print and take compared with online help. So here you are (especially for our Indian partners)
    2007 B Landing Page -> Supporting Materials -> Documentation Resource Center -> 2007 B -> How-to Guides
  4. IRU – Internal Reconciliation Upgrade
    well, this is a big topic, don’t want to overwhelm you guys here, just remember take some time to learn it (especially for upgrading project)
  5. 2007 A delta sessions
    are we done so far? no, tons of new features in 2007 A will appear in 2007 B as well. you ought to learn them!
    how? use the learning materials produced during 2007 A ramp-up. Scroll down to the bottom of 2007 B landing page, here you’ll find a link to 2007 A landing page (permanent link: Go exploring that page you can find what you need, for instance, the delta learning map of 2007 A is generally applicable for 2007 B.

Alright, gotta stop here. What’s your thought on upcoming 2007 B ramp-up as well as product itself? drop your comments down below or email me at, thank for reading, bye now!

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