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Admin .NET Samples Now Available!

Hi everyone,

I’ve uploaded some C# and VB.NET samples to Chapter 4: Completing Administrative Tasks – The BIPlatform Service.

These samples are attached as and


  • Managing Servers and Server Groups

    – Add Server to Server Group: Demonstrates how to add a server to a server group
    – Manage Server: Demonstrates how to start/stop/restart/enable/disable a server

  • Managing Users and User Groups

    – Add User Group: Demonstrates how to add a new user group
    – Add User to User Group: Demonstrates how to add a user to a user group

  • Managing Objects and Folders

    – Add Object to Category: Demonstrates how to add an object to a category
    – Display Folder Objects: Demonstrates how to retrieve a list of objects in a folder

I also updated the “java_ws_be115_add_user_to_user_group” sample in the “” sample package with some minor changes (I was using ‘username’ for the enterprise user name and ‘userName’ as the name of the user to add, so I cleaned this up :))


Questions or Comments? Feel free to post any questions, comments or feedback you have.

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