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SDN Search Syntax

Hi all,

In this Blog I would like to explain how the SDN search syntax works.

Based on the SAP TREX search engine, I have identified that SDN uses only a part of the full syntax.

I have discovered the following different search syntaxes :

Search Method Example Result Conclusion
 Exact search be!cool  be cool
was cool
is cool 
Only the exact sequence will be found. Through the linguistic search ability of TREX, also different synonyms or tenses of be where recognized
 Fuzzy search  M?CE Mice
The question mark replaces one character at this position of the word, every possible combination will be found
Asterisk search M*CE Messageservice
The asterisk replaces several possible characters at this position of the word, every possible combination will be found
Phrasal search  “SAP ONE SAP ONE Server It seems to be similar to the Exact search. I couldn’t find any difference.
Logical AND search SAP and one  SAP Business One
Everything will match with both of these words in any part of its text.
Logical OR search SAP or one SAP Netweaver
All in One
Business One
Everything will be found with at least one of both words in it.
Logical AND NOT search  Business and not one Business System
Business Partner
Everything will be found what has Business but not one in it.























I hope this will help you to get successful search results

Kind regards,

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