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Why does the standard cost price in the stock revaluation not match the cost price in the header of the Item Master Data -> Stock tab?  How can these Standard Cost prices be verified?

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It is possible that the item is, or was previously, managed by warehouse. Therefore, the standard cost price will be specific to the warehouse. The price is coming from OITW (Warehouse table) and not from OITM (Item Master Data table). Hence, each warehouse has its own standard cost other than the cost defined in the Item header.


To verify the standard cost price of the item in each warehouse, generate the Stock Posting List. To list the items which have standard cost discrepancies, between the Item header in the Item Master Data and in the warehouse, use the query to show these differences between OITW and OITM.


SELECT distinct




      T1.[AvgPrice][cost on header]


      OITW T0 


      OITM T1 ON

      T0.ItemCode = T1.ItemCode


      T1.[EvalSystem] =’S’and

      T0.[AvgPrice]<> T1.[AvgPrice]


Keywords: EOP_Cost Accounting, EOP_Items, EOP_Valuation, EOP_March08
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