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Spread functionalities in SAP MDM Publisher

MDM Publisher has several functionalities supported for generating a customized catalog out of which spread holds the final look and feel along with the content which is given to the DTP (Desktop Publishing) tool (Adobe InDesign CS3) for printing.

In this Blog, Let us explore all Spread related functions supported by MDM Publisher.


The options available on right clicking the spread are explained below:




  • Split Presentation  


The red borders visible in the Figure 1 above is a presentation that holds the presentation objects like Family Image, Manufacturer Logo etc which can be published together. Now if we want to only publish few Objects from the presentation we can use the option split presentation and drag and drop the required Objects in that presentation.   


  •     Anchor Presentation:    



Anchor actions will lock a family in place (on a particular spread) while other families flow by. Hence once a presentation is anchored on a spread it remains there permanently. In this case the family on page 1 will remain in page 1 permanently even after including other families in the publication.   


  • Bring Forward/ Send Backwards  


This option allows reordering of presentation objects viz. keeping an image in background and text upon it. 


  • Save as Template

The ‘Save as’ template option is used to save the layout customizations performed on a particular Spread so that they can be reused on other families. To apply a Template, just drag and drop the template from the Template Tree pane on the Spread pane. 


  • Publish Selected Objects

This option is used to publish the selected objects or the entire presentation to a DTP tool (Adobe InDesign CS3) or to generate a XML file. 


  • Recalculate Presentation Objects

The Presentation Objects pane is a dynamic view and the spread is a static view. After using the recalculate option the spread gets synchronized with the Presentation Object Pane incorporating all the updates i.e. when changes are made in the repository data, the result is immediately realized in the Spread pane when we use this option.  


  • Refresh Presentation Objects

Refresh Presentation Objects works in the same manner as Recalculate Presentation Objects, the only difference is that in Refresh Presentation Objects the user is given an option to select from the list of presentation objects to refresh whereas in recalculate, all the presentation objects are implicitly refreshed. 


  • Protection

                   Protect/Unprotect Presentation Layout If you have finished editing a Spread, and want to make sure that it is not modified or deleted, either by you or by someone else, you can protect it. 


  • Check In/Out

                  Check Out Presentation LayoutMDM creates a private duplicate copy of the record for editing, and simultaneously protects the original from editing or deletion when checked out. 

                  Check In Presentation LayoutWhen an authorized user performs a Check In, MDM replaces the original with the edited duplicate, which becomes visible to all users.

                   Rollback Presentation LayoutOn using this option the Spread checks In and reverts back without incorporating the changes made by the user i.e. the Spread remains as it was during the Check Out.               

For basic functions of SAP MDM Publisher and the spread mode, you can read Blog by Stephanie Deutsch (Introducing New MDM Publisher).

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