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We’re doing a webcast Tuesday this week, a little BITI sneak preview of highlights for this year’s ASUG and Sapphire events in the U.S.  Here are a few items to help you plan your travels beyond that.

Surveys of SAP user requirements are underway.  The largest and most comprehensive one I know is the biannual  Archiving / Information Life Cycle management coverage, conducted in English and German.  Along with the German SAP User’s Group (DSAG), the material covered gives all involved in this critical support process new insights in how you stack up to your peers, ideas on best practices; attendance will guarantee you proximity to world leaders in this subject matter.

Plans are underway for surveys of Security and Mobile Technologies. The former I discussed in a blog in February, while the latter is my new endeavor.  See Jan Fetzer‘s blog on SAP NetWeaver Mobile 7.1 SP3 Trial Version Available! for initiatives in mobilizing business processes.  Jan is co-leading an influence update (0910).

Many groups are holding Community Sessions, starting Sunday May 4th.  These range from formal one-hour conference slots, to even longer Influence councils and strategy sessions, to informal meetings planned outside the Agenda Builder process.

There are 23 new Influence Councils and 10 Influence Updates planned, by my last count.  You can schedule these in the Agenda Builder, including these updates within BITI, or close enough:

  • Incident Management (5111)
  • Mobile (0805)
  • Security (0910)

A couple new councils to mention (Howlett note #1):

  • SAP Environment, Health & Safety Influence Council (5501)
  • Influence Council ‘Virtualization’ (5104)

The latter will be hosted by Gunther Schmalzhaf and [original link is broken] [original link is broken] [original link is broken] [original link is broken] [original link is broken] [original link is broken] from SAP; I just hope I can fit it in my schedule. 

Besides myself (presenting on Unicode) many SAP Mentors will be attending ASUG08.  I’ll just mention 2 who are speaking in our tracks, for fear of omitting anyone else;

Dick Hirsch is presenting on Tuesday at 4PM

Harald Reiter has 2 different topics – one on Monday at 3:45 and another Tuesday at 8:00 

There are a bunch of Preconference day events – like Business Project Management, propelled by Marilyn Pratt – see that Some of the BPX Stars Have Aligned.

As always, watch out for time shifts and related Agenda Builder challenges as planning meets the reality of logistics.

Looking ahead to the events after the next event, the deadlines are looming for fall conferences -view the calendar and calls for papers via

Finally, I can’t believe I have no takers on my free rGoing to Sapphire / ASUG 08 in Orlando?  Want a cool reusable water bottle? deal?!

More blogs are in the works for these great networking activities!  Kind of like Gunther Stuhec’s on Presentation at ASUG08: How to Accelerate Your B2B by CCTS Modeler Warp 10.

Prior blogs – Event Wizard / Planning

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