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Widget Development Tools Updated

The following release of Development Tools have the following enhancments: 

  1. SAP Systems View Added

  • Add/Remove Service Providers and Authentication Settings from Development Perspective

  2. Table Styles Editor Added

  • Table Component UI Configuration and related code generation

  3. Updated Component Library 

  • Label element updated and alignment issues resolved

  3.2. New Components Added

  • FlashPlayer – Allows widget to render flash


  3.2.2. HTMLFrame

  • Allows widget to render HTML

  3.2.3. ChartBox

  • Allows drawing line charts inside widget

  3.3. Combobox component updated

  3.4. DropDownList component removed

  4. Kitchen Sink Template Updated



  5. Added support for parent size column/rows for nested cells


6. Deployment Component and configuration is automatically added to widget if widget is exported with SAP System Connection Configurations


  7. Styles for text elements are selectable from property editor 


  8. Various bug fixes and minor improvements


Also the following documentation has been updatd: SAP Enterprise Widget Development Guide


You can download the latest version from:  

 Downloads> Widgets > Tools and SAP Foundation for Widgets?> Widget Development Tool and Guide

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  • Regina:

    I must admit that I have downloaded all version of the SAP Widgets Tool…But never actually try them -:( Maybe it’s the lack of time…Or maybe it’s because I got to many side projects…Still…It’s nice to see that the Widgets Team keeps working and updating this great tool.

    I saw your presentation on DemoJam – TechEd Vegas 2007 and I got really impressed with the ease of developement of the tool. Hope to be able to test it soon.



  • Hi,
    Its really good to see new features , but if you include ” Creating Pop ups for example when i click a button  it should open a pop up where i can place  buttons , texts & input ” it would be good.


  • Good day,

    I am using Eclipse and the SAP Widget Development to create widgets. I would like to know if it is possible to add columns and change column headings at runtime. Something similar to the addRow method.


    • Good day,

      Found a solution to my problem(copied the code from Table.js. I still want to create a function but I’m still learning Java/Javascript.

      // header string
          var headerLabelString = “xyz\nabc B\nefg \nhij”;
          var headerLabels = headerLabelString.split(“\n”);
          for(var i = 0; i<headerLabels.length; i++){
           table._setColumnProperty(i, “label”, headerLabels[i]);