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Web Dynpro Phase Model




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    • Hi,
      I have editted the blog to make it much more user friendly. It is easily understandable.
  • Mr Chowdhary
    First of all, please could you explain the meaning of the word “plagiarism”.  You will find the meaning most enlightening – especially when applied to yourself.
    You say you were “making it much more user friendly” but this is clearly not true.
    You have made poor quality copies of the diagrams I created in my recent eLearning presentation on this subject, and you have transcribed and rephrased my commentary in a way that shows you only have partial understanding of the subject.
    If you wish to reference material in your blog that has been created by other people, then this is fine, but please show the honesty and decency to give credit where credit is due.
    You have acted very shamefully here Mr Chowdhary and brought not just your name, but the name of your employer Cap Gemini into disrepute.
    Please do not repeat this behaviour in future.
    Chris Whealy
    • There has been a spate of this behavior going on behind the scenes, meaning I have seen a rise in folks submitting copied, uncredited content, and I’m seeing them do so repeatedly.  Behind the scenes and to their embarrassment, some are caught and their content is pulled from the queue. 
      Public shaming is very unpleasant and while I have tried repeatedly to avoid this happening by working with some of those folks who don’t understand our zero policy plagiary policy, the problem continues.
      And although sorry for the discomfort and public shaming this author must be feeling I’m grateful that this message is declared (again) publicly and unconditionally.
      Gali has done an excellent job of gathering leading practices around blog creation in Community Guidelines Which is found on every page’s left navigation.  Those who persist in ignoring those rules do so at their peril.  Thanks to those who care about the quality of the site.
    • It’s really sad for me to see something like this…Blogging was open to everyone for a reason…To let people express themselves…In your case Mr Chowdhary your acting like a point hunter and a dishonest man…If you wanted to make “things clear” you could at least include a link to the original documentation and put a statement saying that you’re not the author and you’re just trying to make a point…Otherwise you’re breaking a lot of rules on SCN…

      To me…You’re blogger rights should be removed…