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News from SAP NetWeaver Portal: Wikis Included in Product Offering

Web 2.0 concepts (such as web-based collaboration and community contributions within organizations) are being increasingly embraced by enterprises. Wikis are a key factor in these web 2.0 concepts. SAP will provide a wiki application – that is based on the a third-party vendor wiki application – as a standard component of SAP NetWeaver Portal.

By including wikis in the SAP NetWeaver Portal offering, SAP will enable customers to collaborate across the network in the context of business processes and events.

With wikis, SAP customers will be able to create communities of practice that allow their employees and customers to create collaborative websites and to organize, identify, create, capture, acquire, share and leverage knowledge.

Some key capabilitis of wikis at a glance:

  • Advanced document and content management through open and simple editing, encouraging participation by many users
  • Access control to wiki content and document creation
  • Easy-to-manage versioning control and version comparison
  • Easy self-publishing by contributors
  • Enhanced knowledge buildilng, sharing and searching possibilities

Roadmap and Availability

The wiki application can be installed toghether with the Portal on a single system (J2EE engine). The wikis are integrated into the portal navigation via iViews and portal roles. Wikis are running stand-alone, they are not integrated into collaboration rooms or other collaboration objects. 

SAP delivered wikis as a pilot shipment to selected customers and partners in Q3/2008. The pilot shipment was based on SAP NetWeaver 7.0 Enhancement Package 1.

The ramp-up was originally planned for SAP NetWeaver 7.2 end of 2009, but it will be postponed to the next major SAP NetWeaver release in 2010. Before ramp-up a beta shipment is planned from May until July 2010.

Wikis are included in the SAP NetWeaver license. There is no extra pricing.

Key Features

End User Experience

The end user experience includes:

  • E-mail notification: users are notified when information on wiki pages is updated.
  • Version comparison: versions of wiki pages can be compared. Older versions (archived versions) can be restored.
  • Easy text creation by a rich text editor and/or by a wiki markup language editor for the power user.
  • Wiki pages can be saved as PDF documents.
  • Wiki pages can be sent by email.
  • Users can work on draft versions of documents and publish them later.
  • Content control: authors of wiki pages can define other users to review a page before it is published. Wiki administrators can also define single users or a group of users to review wiki content before it is published to all other users.

Administration Experience

Content is organized in spaces where users can create, find and organize wiki content. An administration tool makes it easy to create the hierarchical structure of spaces and to make it available for the wikis users.

There is also a permission concept including permissions for administrators and users. For example: users can be granted either read permissions or write permissions. When write permissions are granted, users can create pages or comments, and insert images. When only read permissions are granted, users can access wiki pages but not create their own pages.

More Information

For more information refer to the wiki presentation.

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  • Hi,

    You might want to take a look at my SDN blog (The specified item was not found.) where I look at this decision from the perspective of the BPX Community Project as well as a more technical angle regarding possible portal integration scenarios.


  • Dear Vera Gutbrod,

    I’v read about the new Wikis so much, and I think that this is a great tool what ist realy needed by the customers.

    We’ll use the SAP Net Weaver Portal Solution in our company to bring the different SAP Services like ESS, MSS, Intranet to our User. One of the next parts will be the creation of an Collaboration System. For these it would perfect to use the new features like Forum, Wiki, … of the new comming Collaboration Portal for NetWeaver.

    Can you tell me, what we have to do for beeing an  selected customers in Q3/2008.

    Best Regards,
    Thomas Großer

      • Yes, you have to purchase and install the Wiki Server Applicaion, Atlassian Confluence, that cost is $12,000 per unlimited license or $8,000 for a 2000 user license.  You then have to purchase the HLP Business Package for Confluece Wiki from a company called HLP.  The cost for that is approx $21,000 plus $3600 for support.  The Confluence server application does not run on Netweaver, so you have to install it on MS IIS or Apache Tomcat.  So you will need additional hardware.
  • Dear Vera,

    I would like to know, if the new Wiki on Portal 7.2 will also offer the option to edit articles in MS Word. I know this feature from Confluence and in my opinion it is one of the most important features. Can you tell me anything about it, please?

    Thanks in advance and regards,
    Michael Brütting

    • Hi Michael!
      No, there is no possibility do edit wiki aricles/documents directly in MS Word. Our Portal Wiki has a wysiwyg editor and also an editor for the power user (who knows wiki markup-language). MS Word is not integrated.