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How to add SAP NetWeaver Enterprise Search as a Search Provider to Internet Explorer

The Internet Explorer 7 offers the user the option to start a search using the Instant Search box.

It is possible to install multiple search providers so that a user can perform a search using the specified search provider (e.g. Live Search, Google or an Intranet Search) without the need to navigate to the site of the search service provider. Users can switch easily between the different search providers. This allows a user to perform a search using the same search terms using different search providers. 

In my blog I will show how it is possible to add SAP NetWeaver Enterprise Search as an additional search provider to this user inteface element of Internet Explorer 7.

The search UI of SAP NetWeaver Enterprise Search can be invoked by passing the search query using the following URL:

*http://<host>:<port>/es/search?query=<searchquery> *

To add SAP NetWeaver Enterprise Search as an additional provider to the Internet Explorer Instant Search box proceed as follows:


Click on the drop-down arrpw of the Instant Search box and select the option Find More Providers …



The Add Search Providers to Internet Explorer page on the Microsoft home page will open. In the Create Your Own dialog box please enter the following values.



In the text box +Paste the URL of the Search results page URL: paste the URL above using the string TEST for the parameter <searchquery>.<br /><br />[http://%3Chost%3E:%3Cport%3E/es/search?query=TEST | http://%3Chost%3E:%3Cport%3E/es/search?query=TEST]<br /><br /></li><li class=”style1″>In the text box Specify a name for the search provider Name: enter a meaningful name e.g.<br /><br />SAP Enterprise Search.+


Press the button Install


In the Add Search Provider dialog box press Add Provider …


0.1. You can now enter a search term in the Instant Search box and select SAP Enterprise Search from the search options menue.


0.2. The search result is displayed in the SAP NetWeaver Enterprise Search UI


0.3. You can select SAP Enterprise Search as your default search provider by selecting the option Change Search Options from the drop down menu beside the Instant Search box.


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