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There is fire alarm testing today in the SAP offices in Palo Alto. Since it’s all a fake, I have this curious desire to run around yelling “Movie!” all day. Anyone who doesn’t see the irony in that might be wise to skip to the bottom of the page immediately.

Though I don’t get the chance to go to the cinema much lately, quite regularly, we see film crews on the streets of beautiful San Francisco where I live. Recently, an entire crew spent weeks in the city filming “Milk” — with Sean Penn playing the starring role of Harvey Milk.  The thrilling part of all of this was the casting call for the hundreds of extras needed to fill the streets with the life of San Francisco in the 70’s once again.  I was living in the area at that time but (ahem) not old enough to remember the actual event of Milk’s murder. This made it extra thrilling that so many people turned out to “re-live” the event – people who were not even old enough to remember Milk and the Milk story. This is my community.

But I’m also proud to be a part of a totally different type of community: the SDN community. Which is why I’m especially pleased to announce this incredible news: SAP has signed with a major US motion picture agency in agreement for the making of “Community: THE MOVIE!” starring our very own SAP Community Network.  We expect this big-budget film to draw top-level talent and we will be unveiling the trailer at SAPPHIRE, so do come out for this incredible event!

Currently tapped for the top starring roles are:

  • Craig Cmehil — played by John Travolta
  • Marilyn Pratt — played by Tilda Swinton
  • Mark Finnern — played by Sting
  • Blag — played by Benicio Del Toro

The rest are currently in contract negotiation but we can add them to the comments stream as they sign.

All SDN community members are of course also welcome to turn out as extras in the movie. We need to fill the bandwidth with life.

See you in the movies!


ps: April April April Fools! Or, who would play YOU?

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  1. Former Member

    When I read the title…I got shocked…An SDN Movie? Awesome I thought -:)

    When I started to read the blog…I realized that I was one of the main characters (How could have achieved such an honor? My name next to Marilyn, Craig and Mark F?)…Of course, when I read that Benicio del Toro was going to incarnate myself I started to think that there was some sort of April’s Fool joke…

    Very funny -:)

    You have made me laugh but also made me really happy for including me in such a nice “fictitial” project -;)



    1. Moya Watson
      Post author
      you’re too important a character to leave out!  who else did i miss?

      some have pointed out that i haven’t been cast yet.  i’m too humble for that (maybe: screenwriter), but i do fancy myself rather an emma peel character.  i think diana rigg may be busy though…

  2. Marilyn Pratt
    But unfortunately because of copyright issues had to withdraw. Glad they are now planning to have this done professionally, although I have huge sentimental attachment to the original version.  And by the way, I can see why Tilda chose to play me.  She’s used to doing the role of the evil witch in Narnia.
    Interesting if April 1 crosses cultural boundaries.  There have been some really silly things happening on the ‘net all day.  Now back to work boys and girls.
    1. Moya Watson
      Post author
      although i take exception to the characterization of tilda only as an evil witch!  she’s quite brilliant. 

      my fave feature of the day has to be Gmail Custom Time — though, time being what it is, i’m not sure it will still be there tomorrow…

  3. Mark Finnern
    Thanks Moya for casting Sting to play me, although he has to get some more gray hairs 😉

    I remember working night shifts at a plastic bucket manufacturing plant in the black forest when I was 18 or 19. I would drive home, just when it was getting day, rolling down the windows to let the cold black forest air in, to not fall asleep and listening to “One world is enough” from the Police on my Sony Walkman. Stewart Copeland’s drum changes on this song were just out of this world.

    Thanks for bringing back memories, Mark.

      1. Mark Finnern
        Hi Moya,

        It was a summer job and really eye opening. It gave me respect for the work live of factory workers.

        There was one couple where she worked the day shift and he the night shift. During the week they would only see each other when coming in and out of the factory. I thought that was really sad. On the other hand it was what enabled them to bring food on the table of their kids.

        All the best, Mark.


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