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REACH Compliance – SAPPHIRE Showcase

One of the key topics sure to set the stage alight at SAPPHIRE events in Orlando and Countdown to SAPPHIRE (May 2008 – Orlando and Berlin) this year is REACH. Indicative of the growing legislative and regulatory challenges facing the chemical industry in recent months, the European Commission (EC) directives covering registration, evaluation, and authorization of chemicals (REACH) constitute an extensive reform of European chemicals policy.

Originally drafted in 2001, REACH regulations shift the burden for proving the safety of chemical substances, products, and consumer use of those substances and products to the businesses that manufacture and import them. While REACH targets primarily the chemical sector, these regulations extend to 30,000 chemical substances. Therefore, industries like pharmaceuticals, consumer products, oil and gas, and other industries that make substantial use of chemicals will be strongly impacted in their manufacturing processes.

Responding to the immense challenges posed by such legislation, SAP quickly leveraged the resources available through its industry-focused ecosystem partners, by joining forces with Technidata, a key partner in the Industry Value Network (IVN) community for chemicals, to co-develop a software solution called REACH Compliance.
SAP REACH Compliance 1.0 is set for general availability in mid-2008 and has already been released to a number of customers who have come on board for early adoption of the application.

Based on the SAP Environment, Health & Safety (SAP EH&S) application, SAP REACH Compliance tracks regulated substances through the production, purchasing, and sales processes. It shows which materials and products use a specific chemical substance and in what quantity. The application aims to provide a reliable and cost-effective means of implementing REACH requirements for all affected industries.


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  • Not Surprised as I read SAP rolling out REACh Compliance V1.0 mid june. However we have developed our own solution on REACh using pre-exsisting instances of SAP. And Introduction of another system in the landscape – would it be advisable ? Will it control SVT as well ?
    Would be interested to hear more on this.
    • Thanks Rajesh. Wasn’t aware of that. Yes, the REACH Compliance solution covers substance volume tracking – there’s a section devoted to this in the solution brief under the list of further references.
      • Thanks for the reply Kieran.
        Is there any information about the SVT i can read about. What we have developed is more on the Data Management part for the REACh. SVT is something we are proactively working on hence the insight on this would be helpful. How about the Toxilogy which is also included in the annexures, is there also a section on this ?

        Would like to speak to you more on this.

        • No worries Rajesh. Hmmm…toxicology documentation will be a little more difficult to present online at the moment, but I’ve had a quick discussion with Marko Lange, the SAP product manager for the reach solution and we’ve agreed to establish a roundtable on REACH within one of the private collaboration spaces.
          It’ll take a couple of days to get off the ground. Just let me know if you’re interested in signing up and we’ll send you an invitation as soon as it’s ready to go.
          This ok with you?
          • Great stuff. I’ll send the details on your BPX business card to Marko and we’ll set up a roundtable within the next few days. Your invitation will most likely arrive from Marko’s account. Once we’re ready, I’ll try to set up a quick (10-minute) call to introduce you to the tools in the private collaboration space. It will allow us to delve deeply into some of the finer points of the REACH compliance solution without boring the rest of the community. Once we have further items of broader interest, we can take it back into the open blog space.
            Looking forward to the roundtable discussions Rajesh.
  • Hello,

    I try to learn SVT into mySAP EH&S, but I can’t find nothing.

    Do you have documentation, help or link that It can help me?


    Alejandro González Spencer

    • Sure Alejandro. There’s quite a lot of information available on svt.
      First, I’ll direct you to the high level section on SVT in the REACH Compliance Solution Brief…
      “Substance and usage management provides the functions necessary to maintain and manage all your REACH-relevant data for each substance registered – REACH substance properties, substance uses, and exposure scenarios for the substance, for example – and requisite documents, including chemical safety assessments, chemical safety reports, and enhanced material safety data sheets. The substance management functions also track which substances are used in which preparations and products. With comprehensive monitoring tools like substance volume tracking, you can evaluate your current REACH status. For example, you will be able to track and monitor quantities of single substances for a single legal entity or monitor substances on a corporate level covering multiple legal entities. Based on the resulting evaluation, the functionality helps you detect gaps and initiate necessary follow-up activities.”
      Next, I’d recommend an archived article of Chem Manager stored here at
      If youneed further detailed documentation on application help level, let me know. I have access to the material, but I’ll need to check if you willbe able to access it too. If not, I might need to set up a separate forum on the topic.
      Thanks for getting in touch, by the way.
      OK for you so far?
      • Thank you Kieran,

        Well Maybe will be necesary open a forum about “REACH and SAP EH&S-SVT”.

        I work in Everis (Ex-DMR Consulting), into a EH&S Prototype using “SVT” for REACH, I’m in a Selftraining without handbooks or some documentation, so realy need your help.

        Regards for your concideration and wheter you have technical informatión or functional instructión about “EH&S and/or SVT”, please I’m interesting, It`s my wrok.

        Thank you again.

        Alejandro González Spencer.

        • Of course Alejandro. A colleague of mine, Marko Lange, will moderate the roundtable on REACH. At the moment, I’m setting up the infrastructure to accommodate the discussions.
          Can you email me at, so that I can appraise you of rules of engagement and lay the groundwork for getting you involved.