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As many of you who have been following my blogging on SDN would be aware of by now, I am a big fan of PHP. It is an awesome glue language that solves the web problem very well.

PHP has grown from a ‘Personal Home Page’ language to being a dominant force on the web and as more enterprises look to web solutions it is finding itself more in the enterprise.

A recent article in CIO magazine by John Coggeshall, a senior member of Zend Technologies’ Global Services Group, explained how PHP is enterprise ready.

Nearly Open source is … well … open about the PHP Connector to SAP and how it would be a shame if the connector was not updated.

Recently on the Zend Developer Zone, Cal Evans posted about a survey to gauge the interest in the community for an upgraded connector.

And so here is my plea… if you have any interest in PHP working with your SAP systems in the brave new SAP Netweaver world … please complete the PHP and SAP/NetWeaver integration Survey


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  1. Former Member
    …with your initiative. I think it’sworth some activity.
    I do not understand one thing though: the “brave new SAP Netweaver world” comes along with the dominant theme of ESOA, i.e enabling a sevice oriented architecture using well known standards. PHP on the other hand supports SOA supporting applications for a long time already. So, why do you need a special – supposedly proprietary – connector when PHP itself supports pretty much any standardized/open data/communication/… format around?

    anyway, good luck!

    1. Nigel James Post author
      Yes you are right Anton and Web services are a great way to connect SAP and PHP as you have shown on your blogs. An RFC connection is faster than a WS connection as Dan McWeeney has shown us and there is a connector for Java, dotNet, Perl, Ruby and Python so why not PHP?



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