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New Functions for Monitoring Files with CCMS Agents

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  • Hello Dirk

    I have not yet worked with the CCMS and, therefore, my question may be weird:

    Is it possible to monitor directories on a remote FTP server via CCMS?

    You mentioned the monitoring of the age of a file which would be very helpful in my situation since any file on our FTP server should be picked and removed within less than 2 hours (either by SAP-XI or ODEX server). Any file which is older is basically a marker for any kind of problem.

    Kind Regards,

  • Hi Uwe,

    it should be no problem, if RFC connections between the FTP server and the CEN are possible. The CCMS agent can only monitor local files, so you have to install the agent of the server itself.

    Kind regards

  • Hi Dirk,

    I want to access a central log file, which contain all information about the systems (like which transactions executed, what dialog screens presented and so on.)

    I have heterogeneous landscape integrated with SAP XI, containing R/3 system, IDES, and web services.

    How can I access such log file ? Any suggestions?


  • Hi Azeem,

    the agent doesn’t care about XI, R/3, IDES …, all he needs is a log file on his local host, where he has access to on the operating system level.

    As written in the documentation, you can define keywords in the log file templates, and if the agents finds these keywords in the log file, this information is send to the central monitoring system.


  • Hi Dirk,

    Maybe you can help me with this, we got the requirement to monitor a directory and a alert when a specific file is created. We tried to use the option CHECK_EXISTENCE_ONLY but that does the opposite, it does alert when the files does not exist, but again we need to alert the file does exist or is created.

    Do you know if this is possible using the CCMS log monitoring?, is there any trick to make this work?


    Zareh Vazquez