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How to Search SDN?

How to Search in SDN?


Being a member of SDN for a long time I recently started looking into it and found that most of the post will be solved by searching the SDN itself. So I would request you to search the forum before you post. This is not to avoid users to post their queries but to ease both the users who post the queries and SDN’ers to see new queries rather then the queries answered multiple times. This Blog gives some tips about, how to get what you want in SDN using search function

Steps for Basic Search

  1. Select the appropriate area to narrow the search otherwise it will search all the topics
  2. Input your search string and press go

Basic Search


Steps for Advanced Search Advance search gives you the option to narrow you search specific to Area, Author, date wise, Product wise, Industries and even version wise. 

Advanced Search

 Advanced Search
Advanced Search

How to sort the results? 

In the top result page (Right Side), you can find a drop down box as shown below. Here you can sort the result as “Relevance”, “Title” and “Date”. To sort the result in ascending or descending order click the  Sort  (Toggle Sort Direction)

Sort Date

 Profile Settings



Here you can set the number of search result to be displayed and the time zone as well. 


Please click here to see the SDN FAQ to know more about creating a thread, assigning points etc.  



  1. Always try to narrow your search to a particular area so that, you will get similar results you are looking for
  2. You can sort the result in Relevance or Date wise from the drop down in the right top of the search window
  3. Use the Up and Down arrow to sort the result in Ascending or Descending order
  4. In advanced search there are lots of option such as to search with date ,Version, Industries, Task and Author wise. If you choose these options before searching it will narrow the search and will be easy to get what you want
  5. You can Google for searching in SDN, which specifically searches in SDN. 

         Go to -> In the Search Box Type


           [Your Search Term] site: [site to be searched]            


          [   ] is optional 


          For example if you want to search about BI Upgrade in SDN

           then in Google search box





See this link for the above search result    


BI Upgrade  The above will give you the BI Upgrade information from SDN


For more information please see


To search a particular Site alone in Google -> Site Search

To search using file type such as pdf, doc, ppt etc Google -> File Type Search 

 Hope this information is useful.

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      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member I wrong or is your blog a little bit outdated and the old input boxes as seen in your first two screenshots don't exist anymore (for quiet some time) but you have a single search box in the upper right area of the screen instead?

      continuing to search for the boxes,

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member
      Hello Anton,

      You are right, the image is old and I have updated with the new image. Thanks for pointing it.


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      Former Member
      Some people already created custome google search which will give high preferences to SAP sites like SDN, Sapfans , and such.

      I've created one and I also created a firefox plugin for my custom google search. Check it out:-

      caveat: custom google search will only search whatever google has indexed. So don't expect info from place since google bot can't get there 🙂

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member
      Hello Marjan,
      thanks for the link ... well done!

      I found the custom google page, but NOT the Firefox search plug-in. Can you please be more precise, where to find it. Thanks!

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      Former Member
      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member
      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member
      This will act as a path finders for many.
      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member general, of searching SDN content.
      Author's profile photo Deepak K Gupta
      Deepak K Gupta

      It is very nice blog. and can be useful for new users. Keep it up.


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      Former Member
      SDN's search engine has some pretty sophisticated features too. See