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How do you brand your company logo in CRM 2007 UI?

Branding in SAP CRM 2007 web UI cannot get easier than this. It is a lot simpler than its predecessor CRM5.0 and can be even done by a business/functional user as well.

Yes, you heard it right! It is a simple personalization task and you do not need to know and write stylesheet or BSP code to customize your company’s or organization’s logo to appear in the web UI. Hear are the simple steps to do this.

Step 1: Open the BSP application THTMLB_STYLES in the ABAP workbench SE80. Open the folders MIMES->sap_skins->styling->Ishape in the same order.

Step 2: You will find an image ‘logo.png’ in the folder Ishape. Open the context menu (using right-click mouse button) and select ‘Update and Replace’. Select your company GIF or JPG image file from your local folder in your PC.


Note: Your new company logo image file name need not be ‘logo.png’.


Thats it. You are done and your company logo will flash in the webUI default skin instead of the usual ‘SAP CRM’ logo.

In the next blogs, I intend to discuss how to include/exclude or customize your UI skins in the web UI.

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      • I have done same as you described in Your Blog…still its not working…what I’m missing

        I Replaced the SAP Logo with Same file name also ( logo.png) still not working

        Please help



  • Hello,

    I am in SAP implementation CRM 2007, and need to know how I can add in the Work center page a content blocks with hyperlinks (customizing own of the client). It is posible?


    • There is an option to add “Web Links” content block, where you can add any kind of hyperlinks.

      But this is available as far as I know only in the home page of CRM on-demand solution and not in the the CRM on-premise or server-based web UI application in CRM 2007.


      • HI,

        I need to enhance the search in accounts page,  I need to add TAx Code/ Passport / National Insurance number/ alternative ID, How should I do,Pleaseexplain step by stpe config



  • I created a new report in CRM 2007 with Interactive Reporting, when I executed one report and I click on print icon, the result is a ugly page. Can I modify this layout?
  • Hi,

    The logo appearing on my Web UI is different from what is in logo.png that was described by this blog. How is this possible ? What am I missing ?

  • Hi sudipta,

    Thanks for the very basic and needed blog for branding the company logo.

    It works fine with default skin. However this is not working for other skins like High contrast, serenity etc.

    Any idea what would be the reason ?


    • Hi Suchita, what Sudipta has oulined is specifically for the default skin. If you wish to change another skin you need to do the same for each just inset the skin name where he has stated default…
    • Hi Suchita, what Sudipta has oulined is specifically for the default skin. If you wish to change another skin you need to do the same for each just inset the skin name where he has stated default…
  • Hi,

    for whatever reason, I had to exchange logo.gif in “THTMLB_STYLES –> Mimes –> sap_skins –> nova –> _images”. With your path it didn’t work.


  • Hi Sudipta Sarma,

    I am new in crm 7.0.

    I have changed the logo in default layout of crm with the logo of my company; it’s ok! 🙂

    My questions is:
    1) Where is possible to make the logo in palettes of IE7? I’d like to see my company logo and the name of my company in place of sap crm[].

    2) I’d like to see my screenshot layout when I choice my skin in personalize layout: how adjust this?


  • Hi,
    Can I change the image in the login page of CRM 7.0?

    Other logo i need to change is in the screen of Interaction Center web UI when I choose the business role?

    thanks in advantage

    • I’m looking for the same information, The image name is NetWeaver_Default_Picture.jpg according to Firefox.

      I would really like to change this picture in the WebUI.


  • I also tried to replicate this scenario in our sandbox system by replacing the logo.png with the client logo in the default->styling->Ishape folder and the result was even the old standard SAP CRM logo is gone and nothing is displaying there.

    Would appreciate some help/guidance on this at the earliest. This is for a client demo purpose so will appreciate a quick response.