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What’s thy color? – Mozilla Firefox Plugin

Having been so long in SDN, have you ever rated your own “responsiveness” quotient in SDN forums? The term “responsiveness” as framed by Marilyn is the level to which you respect the replies to your question, award points and eventually close the thread.


Although a lot of questions are being posted in SDN, we hardly care to close these threads. For this purpose I have created a Firefox plugin named “SDN User Profile”. The SDN User Profile plugin for Mozilla Firefox intends to help you know your responsiveness, so that more people would be keen to answer your questions. And also it shows the responsiveness of others in the forums too. Having a better rating would mean a better SDNer.


A sample of how it would look in the forums:



The user names are highlighted as per the following legend:



More information can be viewed by right clicking on the user name and selecting View SDN Profile in the context menu…



And the final output:



It would be much better if all the users show a good response rate, which would then mean that the SDN forum would be a better place for collaboration and knowledge sharing.

Be a better SDNer!



The plugin can be downloaded from:
To install the plugin in Mozilla Firefox, unzip the contents and then choose the menu File->Open in Mozilla Firefox and choose the .xpi file to install it.


System Requirements: Mozilla Firefox
Tested with Mozilla Firefox

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    • You should be in one of the SDN forums page to see it in action. This tool uses prefetch approach to cache the user information. The changes should be visible in a while.

      Also please let me know the version of Firefox you are using…


      • Firefox I go to one of the portal forums and right click my name (Michael Nicholls) and select the option “View SDN Profile”.

        I’ll see what happens in 30 minutes or so…

          • 🙂

            I think there should be some problem with different versions of Firefox. If you find any problems please reply with your version so that I can fix it up.


          • I test it on FF and it doesn’t work…No colors and everytime I open a thread, almost 10 windows opens for a while and the closed without any change on the pages…



          • Hi,
            Thanks, looks like an excellent and much-needed tool. However I see the same effect that Blag described – running same version of FF.
          • Hello,
            Cancel that, it does eventually load colours correctly. One inconvenient side effect is that whenever it looks up a profile it will switch to another window (e.g. Outlook or whatever was last used) and leave FF in background.
            This only happens when a user appears in a forum that has not been cached.
            Thanks again for a great tool!
  • Hi,

    Is the source of this plugin available to the community ?

    I would love to see more extension with regards to sorting and rules for determining “importancy”


    • Yes, the complete source file is available in the download. Open the file with WinZip or any Zip utility to view the source files. Currently I’m working to enable the plugin to work across different versions.

      Thanks for your interest.

  • Hi,

    I just downloaded your plug-in and it failed the compatibility check in Firefox 3.  This was the message.

    “SDN User Profile 1.0.0b2 could not be installed because it is not compatible with Firefox 3.0.1”