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Have you ever tried to determine mail CC dynamically?

We have seen many blogs on dynamically configuring the mail receiver using the option “Use Mail Package”. But you can’t use the above option if you need to send a mail CC. We had a requirement to determine the CC dynamically and as I couldn’t find much help on it, thought to share the technique I used to achieve the same here.  h4. Why not Mail Package Option in the Mail Adapter :  We could acheive dynamic configuration using Mail Package Option by the XSD provided.We have an XSD which can be downloaded to serve the purpose  {code:html}{code}    *But CC cannot be acheived using the above XSD.*  image    Here is a walk through of the different steps (only the steps which are different from normal PI Configuration) to be done for achieving dynamic mail CC using Adapter-Specific Message Attributes. h4. Scenario :   XML file is picked from the FTP server transformation is done in XI and a Mail is trigerred along with the CC Field. XML file picked from FTP Server has the below payloadimage h5. STEP 1 :   Create a source message and target message. Source Message as per the input payload from FTP:image  Target Message:imageh5. STEP 2 :   Message Mapping is done between the source and target mesages as shown below: Initially UDF Transform is used which contains the Dynamic configuration code. h5. imageh5. imageh5.     h6. Transform UDF: h6.  image
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  • hi,

    if you have the CC in payload you can do the same as you did but in adapter module for mail adapter
    (5-10 lines of code max)
    and it becomes mapping independent
    then in adapter module you can just
    specify xpath to the CC address

    but your way is fine too if you don’t care about appending it to all mappings