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BRFplus a Business Rule Engine written in ABAP


my name is Carsten Ziegler and this is my first blog ever!

You may ask yourself What it is about? What is the particular theme? Well we are in SDN so it must be something related to SAP.

The topic of my blogging activities in SDN will be Business Rules and BRFplus. For business rules in general you may also find Rajgo’s Blog and his publications very helpful.

Next question: Who am I that I think I need to write about that? Now time has come to introduce myself:

Since 2005 I am working in the area of business rules at SAP. At that point in time there was very space knowledge about this topic in the organization. So I filled a white space which gave me a lot of work but also the opportunity to have a look at many requirements and use cases. In 2006 and 2007 I had the impression I am involved in nearly every discussion about business rules in the company. In October 2007 SAP acquired Yasu Technologies, which was also prepared by me. I am very proud to mention that Yasu was my recommendation and it was my favorite from the very beginnings of the investigations. Although we have had many discussions, I enjoyed very much to talk to these guys. They have the kind of spirit, I love.

Now, since they are on board, I feel a big relief. These guys are great! True experts of the topic, such as Rajgo.

But consulting customers, managers and developers is not all. My main job since 2005 is development of a rules engine in NetWeaver. This rules engine is called BRFplus.

As I wrote above, you will learn more about BRFplus when you follow my blogs. My project team members and me will write some articles and tutorials about BRFplus which will also be released in SDN. In my blog, I will reference these publications to keep my readers up to date.

Anyway here is a short outlook of what to come with BRFplus.




  • Various visualization means such as decision tables, decision trees, text rules, formulas
  • WebDynpro ABAP User Interface
  • Service enabled
  • Modularized (switch on and off features and expressiveness, add functionality by expression type classes)
  • Simulation and Processing Traces
  • Transport
  • XML Export and Import
  • Time dependency of rules, versioning and histrorization
  • Implicit unit and currency conversion
  • Code generation
  • Open to connect with other BRMS


Case Expression

BRFplus Case Expression

Decision Table

BRFplus Decision Table

Formula Builder

BRFplus Formula Builder

General Data Section

BRFplus General Data Section


BRFplus Trace

Rule Set

BRFplus Rule Set

Some Code  

Rules Processing


Hope our work looks appealing to you and you stay with me for the next blogs.


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  • Well done Carsten and the team. This is a very difficult area but the benefits to coding are huge! This will make all our complex development a lot more dynamic.


  • hi carsten!

    this sounds really, really interesting and i’m looking forward to reading more articles from you on this topic 🙂 is BRFplus part of a service pack or will it be shipped with the first enhancement package (any release dates yet)?


    • More articles will follow…and tutorials, samples, maybe a video … We’ll see.
      BRFplus is part of enhancement package 1 (NetWeaver). The release should be this summer, means in some month you can have it.
  • It would be great to know the recommended landscape and use case for Java consumer system (EP, CE, integration option with BPM of XI/PI, integration with GP)
    • Hi Sergey,
      pls have a look at the blogs of Rajagopalan Narayanan (called Rajgo)( [original link is broken] [original link is broken], How Business Rules Management Can Help Cut Warranty Processing Costs). You may know that SAP has acquired Yasu Technologies. Yasu has developed an excellent java rules engine called QuickRules (QR). This engine is now integrated with SAP’s BPM products. Together with the former QR developers we have developed a connector to and from BRFplus. This connector will make it possible to use BRFplus in java scenarios, also BRFplus provides tools to create a webservice so that rules can be invoked by java calls. However, in a java environment you may use the BPM-integrated QR. Pls wait for further information from Rajgo.


  • Say I have an existing ECC implementation where biz rules are coded in BADI’s. How do I move to BRF?

    Do the BADIs still need to stay so that I can use a BRF API from them?

    • Replacing BADIs with BRFplus is a thing we also discussed internally. Ideally, I think, the customers should have the option to decide between a BADI implementation or BRFplus implementation.
      I do not exactly know when this will come. However, it is possible from within a BADI implementation to call BRFplus.
  • Hi,

    I’m really curious about this topic, but how is the positioning of BRF and BRF Plus? Where I can find HowTo Guides etc. in order to use it?

    Thanks in advance

    • Hi Chris,

      first delivery is with NW 700 EHP1 and NW 710 EHP1, which is in October this year. We are currently creating documents that are to be posted here in SDN.

      BRFplus took over concepts from many tools. From BRF I learned the most, that is why it is called BRFplus. A migration guide does not yet exist. First we want to complete the one or the other feature. Then we also plan to offer tools for migration.


  • Hi Carsten,
              Are there any workthrough examples available anywhere of implementing a BRF application (ABAP). My project is to use BRF for Property Rates calculations based on various rating attributes and I would love to be able to do some prototyping in BRF.



  • Hello Carsten,

    it is planned for the future with upcoming SRM EHPs to enable the SRM System to use BRF Plus? The next EHP 1 for SRM will run on Netweaver 7.2 which would be the technical basis.

    We need to have some features from BRF Plus instead of older BRF.

    Thanks for further information.

  • Hi Carsten ,

    I  want to extract rules from BRF plus XML file and transport them to JessRules which is a rule engine based on java .

    Did I need an XSL transformation to the xml file provided by the  BRF plus solution ?

  • Hi Hasnna,

    We are building a java add-on on top of BRF+. Our java add-on generates java library (i.e JAR file) for the BRF+ rules. Our tool extracts BRF+ rule models from the meta data and generates equivalent java library. It is works similar to standard BRF+, SAP standard BRF+ workbench generates ABAP class and our add-on generates the Java library. Please let me know if you are interested, we can have more discussion on this.

    Thank you

    Srini Sandaka

    Cell: +001 469 789 9918