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Some of the BPX Stars Have Aligned

A Mini-Seminar on All Things BPX 

A few months back, when Paul Kurchina, director of ASUG communities approached me with the prospect of creating content, agenda and a speaker roster for a May 4th BPX mini-seminar to be held as one of the pre-conference ASUG/Sapphire offerings I was pleased but more than a little concerned about the challenge of tailoring content to suit an audience that might include veteran BPXers, BPX wanna-bees, as well as BPX noobs (newbies).  I had one very clear message: NO MARKETING CONTENT.


Of course the best way of building a seminar is to query your attendees.  Luckily, I found a very good start point using Paul Taylor’s content interests in the thread: BPX Community Wish List in the BPX forum.  Next step was validating those content ideas with some of the BPXerati or SAP mentors as they are known, with some of these kind folks acting as a sounding board or seismograph to determine what topics resonated and made sense. 


Then of course came what I imagined to be the biggest hurdle: how to ensure I could actually entice, cajole, bribe, or otherwise drag the subject experts on over to Orlando (on a Sunday, no less) to provide not only those required sessions but also be available for roundtable conversations, panels and networking with participants. 


Well much to my delight (and even surprise, I admit), every one of the speakers approached answered affirmatively and we have a line-up which should provide a candid, informative and brave look at where business and SAP as a business now stands in the business of transformation. 


If we have been speaking for the past year about a geek-gap or geek/suit divide, this seminar approaches the work of a business process expert from the evolved perspective of an alliance and coalition of not only technologists and business professionals but now purports to pull customers front and center to make this a business/IT/customer enterprise collaboration. 

Star-Studded Cast 


First up to bat after an introduction by the BPX Global Director, Marco ten Vaanholt is our own SAP Process Office.  Want to know how SAP the company is handling its own, process state of affairs? A rare opportunity for a candid inside look as Mark Scavillo Director SAP Process Office explains why process management is also becoming a topic for the high-margin software industry, what the expected benefits of these changes will be for SAP and what steps are required to successfully transition. 


Next a living, breathing example of what’s happening in another high tech company as speaker Cheryl Mascaro shares Intel’s experiences with Enterprise Business Architecture – What it is and how to use it to transform business decisions.  Cheryl will also be joined by another colleague sharing stories from the trenches and outlining how to discover the building blocks needed to develop Enterprise Business Architecture. They will further share what to consider in order to make key financial decisions.  Their session will describe how, in their own environment, building blocks are used to define Business Services (SOA) that can be reused and ultimately connect BPM and Business Architecture. 


Since transformation is all about a paradigm shift and change, I’ve sequestered Kerry Brown, SAP Global Director Organizational Change Management to speak about Organizational Change Management in Business Network Transformation. Kerry will discuss OCM best practices and how to use benchmarking as an “enabler for change” serving as a valuable tool to measure organizational adoption.  Kerry will address OCM approaches, methodology and lessons learned.  Through providing customer case studies and best practices that our customers have experienced through implementing change, she will highlight steps required to successfully transform a company. 

On a more technical note, Thomas Volmering and Ginger Gatling will deliver the Roadmap for SAP NetWeaver Business Process Management. 
They’ll share the inside-scoop on new developments in the area of BPM.  They’ll take us under-the-hood on what SAP is developing and share how Business Rules Management fits into SAP’s Business Process Management direction.   Attendees will see a demo of the new tool and be updated on the release plan.  For those of us participating with them at TechEd last year, this continues our direction of giving our ecosystem a seat at a product development roundtable to really pose questions and converse with product management.


In addition, there is a promise of an overview of the SAP NetWeaver Composition Environment to provide practical considerations and recommendations based on recent composite application development at a customer site.  There is a proposed discussion about the role of the business expert in the design, review, and implementation of the composite. 


The final components of the day are the ones of which I am most personally proud as it features members of our community.  Dick Hirsch and [original link is broken] [original link is broken] [original link is broken] [original link is broken] [original link is broken] [original link is broken] will deliver: The BPX Community Project: An Example of Community-Based Process Collaboration. They’ll be joined by Ranjan Baghel, Fujitsu and demonstrate how Web 2.0 technologies and external collaboration can play a major role in business process improvement projects. They’ll share how they create “true life stories” of business process improvement projects, complete with characters and scenarios. 

Wrap-up and Some Surprises 

The day ends with a panel discussion, including some surprise guests. (I’m sure I’ll spill the beans along the way)

The panel will be discussing the need for business transformation in a new world of social networking and social media.  We’ll talk of how the evolution of ERP means empowered customers/consumers changing the rules of competition.

I’m excited that we will have a very prolific media A-lister joining the fray.  Stay tuned for more on that. 

We’ll examine what all this Enterprise collaboration means or could mean for your business, your business processes, your IT and most importantly your own customers.

Boring it won’t be.  Provoking, informative, valuable and candid is the goal.

Looking forward to meeting with many of our BPX community in Orlando.  Let me know if you’ll be joining us on May 4th, 2008 from 9:00 am – 4:30 pm EST.

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  • Marilyn,

    I am so much looking forward to this BPX ASUG day. Meeting with all these experts, and seeing how this day will transpire to a super value day for BPXers and aspiring BPXers. Thanks for leading the way...

    I probably will be talking a bit around The community, our audience, setting the greater context, BPX education and certification; I took a first stab at:

    BPX Education and certification

    To all ASUG and non ASUG members - See you at Sapphire and BPX day.


  • This looks to be a fantastic event in conjunction with ASUG / Sapphire.  Excellent speakers, a mix of content, real experts in a variety of areas.  I look forward to it.

    Mark Yolton

  • Hi Marilyn,

    To Have Rebecca, Head of OCM making a presentation at a business process mini-seminar sounds really exciting.

    Business processes are and have-been a key selling point for SAP for years. I really hope that Marc will one day see the wisdom of having

    OCM is the leading critical success factor for SAP Business Solutions (Not Projects) and I think it is time it has its day, and a community to develop a standardised way of effecting the transitioning of job roles, structures, processes, corporate performance etc.

    Having a BPX semi-seminar is a great start to opning the minds of people that SAP is way more than just an IT thing...wish I was there 😉


    • Actually, it is Kerry Brown, who heads the SAP OCM and yes, she will be presenting.  She and Caryl Barclay have done a really good job of stimulating OCM conversations in the forum context, so I think you might find that there, together with the OCM special interest group in ASUG, is the nucleus of an active OCM community.  Sorry you won't be joining us.  Communities are created when like-minded individuals bind and declare their interests.  I don't think there will ever be a rejection of community activity if interested folks flock together.  Create a significant (critical) mass and we usually accommodate.