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Report from the 2nd SAP CRM user meeting (North Germany)

Kick off

Before the meeting was kicked off byJens Beierfrom NEO, I had the chance to familiarise with the other attendees. I’ve talked to employees of K+S Aktiengesellschaft, Sharp Electronics Europe GmbH and Hettich Furntech GmbH & Co. KGaA. We recognized that we all using the People Centric UI.

Migration from Siebel CRM to SAP CRM

Anett Hondl-Meyer who works for Sharp Electronics Europe GmbH gave us a presentation about their migration from Siebel CRM to SAP CRM. Since 2001 Sharp has used Siebel Sales Version 6.0.1 was used. SAP R/3 was implemented in 1997. SAP CRM was chosen in 2005. Three factors where crucial: New requirements from the sales and marketing department including a portal for the business partners; Upgrade costs for the Siebel solution are as high as the SAP CRM implementation and Corporate SAP strategy.

A interesting topic was the training concept. Everyone had to learn everything about the solution. The management was trained first. Everyone was trained by a professional trainer due to a two day training in groups with up to 14 people.

Sharp shares the same experience as I that the PC-UI performance relates directly to the Client PC’s performance.

Campaign Automation with SAP CRM 5.0

You can already download my Presentation Kampagnenautomatisierung im SAP CRM 5.0. It is in German as the meeting was held in Germany.

SAP CRM 2007 Upgrade

The last formal presentation was given by Arvin Arora from NEO. He gave an introduction in the new SAP CRM 2007 product which is in general availability since March 4th 2008 for Germany and the US. It is a web-based UI Architecture with the goal to consolidate the different SAP CRM UI’s like IC Winclient, IC Webclient, PC-UI and SAP-GUI for the end-user. It includes also a internal reporting i. e. Pipeline Performance Management. The standard maintenance is planed due to March 31st 2013 and the extended maintenance until March 31st 2016.


Jens Beierclosed the meeting by asking the audience what topics should be covered in the next meeting. The biggest interest occurred for the SAP CRM to Groupware integration.

I think the exchange of experiences and knowledge was very useful. I’m eagerly looking forward for the next meeting.


All Presentations will be made available for download at the work group homepage.

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  • Hi Gregor,

    good work. I checked the homepage of the “Arbeitskreis Nord”. The download area only contains the agenda of the meeting.

    Would it be possible to provide a (short) summary of the issue “Migration of SAP CRM 4.0/5.0 to CRM 2007”? I assume this would be very interesting for a lot of CRM consultants frequently reading your blogs. Of course any other information regarding this issue (“lessons learned during upgrade to CRM 2007”) would be very welcome.

    Many thanks for your feedback & kind regards

    • Hi Wolfgang,

      the presentations from the workgroup meetings are available in the Workgroup Extranet. Please contact NEO Business Partners GmbH to request an access. But I will ask them if they can provide their content also here in SDN.

      Best regards