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BusinessObjects and SAP Part 4

In case you missed the first parts of my blog series I have included the links to them here:

BusinessObjects and SAP Part I

BusinessObjects and SAP Part 2

BusinessObjects and SAP Part 3


In my previous blogs I did focus on how Crystal Reports can leverage BW queries as a datasource.

In this blog I will explain how Crystal Reports is able to leverage data from an R/3 system.


Crystal Reports has several options to connect to an R/3 system.


 Crystal Reports is able to connect to:

  • InfoSets
  • InfoSet Queries
  • ABAP Functions
  • Tables (via Open SQL)



When Crystal Reports is connecting to R/3 system via the InfoSet connectivity, the user needs first to decide if the report should leverage an InfoSet or an InfoSet query.



In the second step the user needs to decide if the report should be based on a local InfoSet / InfoSet query or a Global InfoSet / InfoSet query.


After connecting to the InfoSet, Crystal Reports is offering all available fields in the field explorer and the user can now use all available fields to build the report.




The second option is to connect to the R/3 system via the OpenSQL interface.


The first step in Crystal Reports is to select the datasource.


  • The Data Dictionary allows Crystal Reports to retrieve all tables from the R/3 system.
  • The second option is to retrieve a list of ABAP Functions
  • The third option is to leverage a ABAP data cluster in Crystal Reports



When using the Data Dictionary option, Crystal Reports is showing a list of tables from the underlying R/3 system and the user can use the tables for reporting.

Here Crystal Reports is showing a list of tables from the sales and distribution area.


Crystal Reports is using the OpenSQL interface (not a direct connection to the database) to retrieve the data.


In addition to a native connectivity of Crystal Reports on top of the SAP R/3 system, BusinessObjects is also offering a solution with Data Integrator, where the data is being extracted into a data mart.

BusinessObjects has created a large set of pre-build Data Marts (called Rapid Marts) which allow a very quick implementation of a data mart solution on top of SAP R/3.


I hope this short description gave you a good overview how you can use Crystal Reports in combination with SAP R/3.

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  • Helpful as usual.
    And I am looking forward to your WEBI session.

    Two questions:
    1) Can we create one universe based on two or more SAP BW Cubes/MP?
    2) What is the functionality of “add class/object” in the universe designer?


    • Hi Peter,

      I did post the first WebI part just 2 min ago.

      Today you can create a Universe based on a query or a cube. In case you need multiple cubes in one universe right now the solution would be to build a multiprovider and then to build a universe on top of the multiprovider.

      Adding a class / object allows you to create your own objects in the universe.
      A class is like a container where you can add multiple objects.
      A object can be a dimension, a formula, a measure…


      • Hi Ingo,

        Your blogs have been really helpful!

        Is it possible to combine data from multiple Universe’s within a WebI document? If I have a Universe pointing to SAP BI and one for MS Analysis Services can I combine the data into one single table or chart within WebI?



        • Hi,

          yes you can have a report leveraging 2 or more queries against universes and then leverage a feature called “merged dimensions” where you can setup the linking of the queries


  • Hi Ingo,
    very helpful .
    Will there be a more detailed blog on reporting from ABAP functions?
    This would be very helpful, because I find this feature often mentioned but nowhere it is explained in detail how to set this up.
    • not 100% what you mean with the security exactly.

      part of the SAP Integration Kit is also a security editor tool that allows you to create data level security on top of the tables or to block access to tables.


  • Hello Ingo,

    Thanks for the nicely written article.

    My company has decided to explore CR2008 and the datasource would be existing infosets in SAP R3.

    Unfortunately, I could not execute one of your steps because I do not find the requisite option.

    Under “Create New Connection”, I do see “SAP Info Sets” or “SAP Tables….” but underneath them, I do not find “Make new Connection” option. Am I missing something ?.

    I am new to CR and would highly appreciate your help.

    Thanks in anticipation.

    Best wishes,

      • Hello Ingo,

        Thanks for the prompt reply.

        I am opening a thread in forum. As to your question about InfoSet / OpenSQL entries in Crystal Reports, yep, I am facing a similar issue.

        Thanks once again.


    • Hi,

      there is no direct write back. What you could do is to use to use Adobe Rich Island and integrate Xcelsius into a Web Dynpro application.


  • Hi Ingo,

    If some standard table(like vbap,vbak etc.) and ztable is not visible in list of Data Dictionary then which kind of setting we have to do.


  • Hi Ingo,

    I have made one crystal report on top of SAP R/3 with some graphs. When i am uploading this on Infoview (BOE XI 3.0)and while trying to view same report on portal, it displays blank page. This happens second time. Without graph i can view the report.


  • Dear experts,

    Creating a crystal report on a SAP-BW 3.5 query we have the following problem:

    In SAP-BW query we defined a restricted key figure with property ‘Calculate single value as Ranked list (olympic)’.

    Within SAP-BW it works correctly; in Crystal Reports we see the key figure without the defined property.


    Customer Revenue      Rank (olympic)
    4711 EUR               1
    4812 EUR               2
    4812 EUR               2
    4913 EUR               4

    Crystal Reprts
    Customer Revenue      Rank (olympic)
    4711 EUR          4711 EUR     
    4812 EUR          4812 EUR
    4812 EUR          4812 EUR
    4913 EUR          4913 EUR

    Could anyone give us an advice to solve this?

    We tried to solve this problem within Crystal reports using ‘Calculated Elements’ and got another, more serious problem.

    According to Crystal Help and documentation the way to insert a calculated element such as a rank is to click onto an element in a dimension and chose ‘Calculated Element’ -> Add.

    Our problem is we don’t see this entry within the context menu! Due to the fact that we need this functionality a quick answer to this this question would be highly appreaciated.

    Thanks in advance


  • Hi Ingo,
      I install Crystal Report 2011 and my authentication has SAP_ALL, S_RFC, S_DATASET, S_GOURP etc. but I didn’t install integration guided for SAP.
      I can logon SAP BW & SAP INFOSET connection, but when I logon SAP table, clouster, function, the system show me a message
    Logon failed.
    Details: You do not have the necessary rights to design reports against the SAP system. Please check with your system administrator.

    how do I fix this issue? need I install request to R3?

    • Hi,

      to use Crystal Reports on top of your ECC environment you also need to import the ABAP transports and assign the necessary authorizations. The details can be found in the installation guides.


  • Sir,

    In my report i have measure with year dimension and date dimension which have 1lakh records.But in  the development environment its working fine but at the end user its working very slow…how to resolve this issue..can any one suggest plzz…



  • Hi Ingo,

    Excellent share! Thanks for this.

    Just got a question, our company is usgin BO XI 3.0, is there a way to get SAP Infoset?

    From all of the research I have, it’s only for BO 4.0 version.

    How about WebGui from SAP if we want a direct link to SAP transaction?

    Hoping for your answer. Thanks in advance.