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Enterprise applications and Web 2.0

 After my earlier posts on the evolution of Web 2.0 – the evolution and SOA I would attempt to bring all of these hot trends together, enterprise applications, SOA and Web 2.0.

All through the history of computing, we have attempted to bring together more andmore concepts which was the only way applications could be made more powerfule and complete. Desktop publishing integrated with ERP, enterprise applications integrated with the internet and so on.

SOA (service oriented architechture) which allowed ERP and non ERP software to interact freely, allowed building modularity into applications (instead of within pieces of application code) allowed for the use of the multiple protocols which web 2.0 (I use the word web 2.0 in this blog but it is meant to refer to all web 2.0 and future developments to it)had now laid down before it. These developments soon allowed the once monolithic ERP to get cut down to the size of the user and interact with give the user a more engrossing and more involving experience very much like the world wide world gives him. Bringing together ERP and web 2.0 also would allow for a more smoother flow of information among organization, within organisations. Just the way web 2.0 brought in a social networking service for people; imagine the same thing for business…a business networking service powered by the enterprise software itself. Business networking services would make it all the more easier for businesses to transact . A simple example would be trying to search for a new supplier for an new product, a business networking service integrated into the business application would make it very simple to do it. B2B interactions could be strengthened all the more by introducing help forums, automated RSS updates regarding relevant events.

The use of RSS within the enterprise software to allow relevant quick flow of data. Podcasts allow for flow of information within the organization and internal blogs powered by the enterprise application to make it all the more special. 

Enterprise application integration would be all the more complete and easier with the power of web 2.0. On demand application brings needs all the more force and power which web 2.0 can offer. A true on-demand application with its arsenal of web 2.0 tools would really be the future. SaaS would be engrossing with the power of web 2.0. The integration of web 2.0 tools into these business technologies would make sure that web 2.0 no longer remained an exotic far away island and was just  another page in my evert day business arsenal.

New ERP would be lost completely if it weren’t for the power of XML. Instead of building application client interfaces, the new ERP rage attempts only to harness the power of the web browser using APIs, Java, XML and other web technologies. since the future of the desktop is the webtop, so is the future of desktop applications. ERPs were required to be on servers, so it was all the more easier for them to adopt the web server methodology. Supply chain management with web 2.0 tools grants a competitive edge for the enterprise.

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