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Use LXE to access your Mobile – Always Connected application

Use your LXE device to access a SAP NetWeaver Mobile – always connected application

With SAP NetWeaver Mobile 7.0 SP 12 Patch 1 it is possible to use your LXE device to access a Mobile – Always Connected application leveraging the Naurtech CETerm Data Collection Web Browser. 

This combination offers you the possibility to make use of every feature provided by SAP NetWeaver Mobile – always connected.

In this blog I will give you a short introduction divided 3 different parts:

1. The technology: SAP NetWeaver Mobile – Always connected

2. The device vendor: LXE Inc:

3. The browser: Naurtech CETerm


What is Mobile – Always Connected

With the SAP NetWeaver Mobile – Always Connected technology ( formerly known as Mobile Web Dynpro ) you can develop mobile applications with zero footprint on a device. These mobile clients are always connected to the backed and are running a Web Browser.

SAP NetWeaver Mobile – always connected leverages the well known Web Dynpro User Interface paradigm with mobile enhancements.

These enhancements are a:

  • Device Specific Rendering / Browser Recognition
  • Standard and Mobile User Interface Elements (RFID, Barcode)
  • Support of Function Keys
  • Web Dynpro Rendering

 If you wan’t to know more please take a look at the technical fact sheet.

What is LXE ?

LXE Inc. designs rugged wireless computers and data collection solutions that improve supply chain performance.  LXE handheld, vehicle mount and wearable computers have delivered dramatic improvements in inventory tracking and control for thousands of customers all over the world.  You’ll find LXE rugged mobile computers thriving in ports, paper mills, refrigerated warehouses, and on the factory floor – both indoors and outdoors.



LXE delivers industry standard solutions based on the Windowsâ CE operating system and support for 802.11 networking.  This affords you the opportunity to connect LXE mobile computers to industry standard wireless networks and provide fast, flexible, secure and cost-effective solutions for your mobile SAP users.

SAP developers have long had the ability to create applications and transactions for LXE mobile computing devices directly in SAP via the SAPConsole™ or Web SAPConsole.  That ability has now been extended with Mobile – Always Connected support for LXE.

Naurtech CETerm Web Browser

CETerm is a Terminal Emulator and Web Browser specifically designed for barcode data collection / supply chain management applications. It is designed to be run on industrial terminals, such as offered by LXE, to access SAP NetWeaver mobile applications.

The CETerm Browser provides:

  • a controlled environment for view and navigation through the web application
  • allows complete control of peripherals like barcode scanners and RFID readers so the decoded data can be parsed, manipulated, reformatted and even split for entry into multiple input fields for submission
  • supports remapping of function keys so that these are associated with function key buttons or URL links displayed in the application screens

If you have implemented a SAP NetWeaver – Always Connected application, you can access it using the CETerm Web Browser from any RF handheld terminal. All functionality such as key remapping, cursor input focus, barcode scan data control etc are available “out of the box”. CETerm also supports additional functionality such as speech recognition and voice output.

You can find more information on the following website:

Develop your application

There are thousands of use cases for a mobile application. Let’s start and realize your application and make use of the SAP NetWeaver Mobile features on your LXE device.

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  • Hello,

    We want to develop Mobile Web dynpro application for our lxe mx7 handheld devices to use the barcode scanner functionality. Is this model from LXE supported too?



    • Hello Maulin,

      LXE devices are supported in combination with the Naurtech Browser. Meaning we support every LXE device if a corresponding Naurtech Browser exists.
      I just checked their homepage and they provide a CETerm Browser for MX7 devices.

      Best Regards,