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SOA Middleware: XML validation error handling

XML validation is one of the strong capabilities of PI 7.1.From long time everyone was waiting for it in order to validate structure of the payload. In PI 7.1 we can use it in A2A as well as B2B scenario.You can validate both message inbound as well as outbound.


Incoming message –> AAE / IE Validation v/s schema (from ESR, exported and saved in file system


IE Validation v/s schema (from ESR, exported and saved in file system)

-> Outgoing message







So for sender we can have IE and AAE level validation where for receiver we will have only IE level validation.


Forward and backward error handling:

We can have both +/- error handling in validation. In backward error handling we have option to send the information to sender plus we can raise alert but persisted of messages will not be possible.







Where in forward we will not send the information but the message will send to RWB with in error state with persisted ability. Hence we/administrator can do the further process. Also we can raise the alert.






Monitoring will be done in SXMB_MONI only.

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  • Hello Sunil,
    This feature of PI 7.1 has been discussed in a recent blog on SDN and with much more detail.
    XML Validation

    It has also been discussed in recent articles published on the Articles section. Apart from discussing what is already present in existing literature from SAP, there is nothing new at all.
    I don’t mean any offense but I fail to understand the purpose of this post.