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Suda Sampath


Suda Sampath is one of the top contributors of the SAP Business One forum on SDN.  He is working for Innovation Solutions (www., a SAP Business One Partner. Suda is an SDN member since Sept 10, 2007 only, but has already contributed to 2700 posts! The Business One Community is very happy to have active experts such as Suda. By frequently answering threads and providing helpful information, many other users have come to rely on him. Read the portrait of this SAP Business One consultant who has already implemented SAP Business One 16 times!


  1. Suda, what is your motivation to share your knowledge?

    As I started with SAP Business One, the resources that are available today did not exist yet. I had to rely on my own intuitive thinking to find an answer.

    Many times on a project I would have questions and I had no one really to go to, who could help me. 

    The wealth of knowledge I have gained over the years of implementing SAP Business One, I believe, can benefit a lot of members in today’s community.  “Sharing what I know gives me gratification” When I share, I thrive to learn more, thereby expanding and improving my own knowledge so that I can continue what I am doing.


  3. Where did you get the SAP Business One experience from?

    Most of the experience I gained has been hands-on, through self-learning and on projects.


  5. Would you give us a short insight into your professional background and career?

    I started my career in 1997 as a developer on Gupta SQL (Centura) with a Software export company in Mumbai, India. After working for nearly 3 years in India I moved to Michigan in 2001.  I continued working on Gupta SQL as Project lead before I got introduced to SAP Business One.  In April 2003 the company I worked for signed as the Founding partner for SAP Business One.   I got my first glimpse of SAP Business One version 6.1.2

    A few months after attending the 2 weeks boot camp at SAP Headquarter in Newtown Square, I got the opportunity to work on my first SAP Business One project.  Interestingly there was a Success story on this project: see here. (

    4 ½ years and 3 versions later, I am currently working on my 16th implementation for SAP Business One!

    Starting with SAP Business One after leading development projects on Gupta SQL was definitely a big move, but my educational background with a Master in Computer Science and Accounting and industry experience helped me excel with SAP Business One. 

    In the recent few years, my role has been more of a product expert, leading implementation teams, performing gap analysis, designing the solution and devising implementation strategy. 



  7. Would you like to share some views in your personal life with us?

    “Behind every successful man is a woman” is very true in my life.  My wife has been a great support for me throughout. During times when I had to work long hours, weekends and even holiday weekends to meet deadlines and Go-live dates, my wife’s encouragement took the pain from what could be stressful times.


  9. Are you interested in creating Blogs or Wiki content as well?

    I am definitely interested in contributing to the Wiki and writing Blogs.

    I just finished writing my first wiki article on DTW. I will continue to work with Chris Chen from SAP Labs, China to bring out more of these after identifying the areas where the community really needs help.


  11. Anything else you would like to tell SAP?

    The frequency of delivered patches could possibly be reduced. This would help Implementers from thinking “What’s next” and would help reduce the uncertainty with upgrades. I also think that SAP should have a team to get direct feedback from end-customers about their implementation and about the Business One product, instead of getting a pretty picture from the VAR’s which may sometimes not be true. 


We really appreciate Suda’s work in the SAP Business One Community and are looking forward to gaining many more contributors like him.

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  1. Former Member
    It was great reading about Suda and the background. I am a new user and I am greatful for this type of help. I did not know who SUDA was until I saw this article – in fact I thought it might be a lady, perhaps working for SAP.
    Well done SUDA
  2. Former Member
    Congratulations to Suda! very Happy to c the Article abt him.
    Very Proud Suda being a Tamizhan basically. Wishing Suda lots of Success again n again.
    Thk u Darius Heydarian for letting us know abt SUDA!


  3. Former Member
    it is quite interesting to hear that u have done more tghan 10 B1 implementations.By the way what is the normal implementation period for B1
  4. Former Member
    Sharing Knowledge is great thing. As no one can create Knowledge but he/she can discover new things and shared among others then only knowledge will spread across

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