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Mobile Community Unconference

Here are my notes from the Mobile Community Unconference today.

We are planning for our next Community Days, so it was interesting to see how this one was run. They are doing a pure play unconference as in there was not agenda before and in the first half hour people filled the session board. It worked surprisingly well.

Bill Johnston started out with great 4 Open Space Guidelines:
1) Whoever comes to your session is the right person
2) Whatever happens is the only thing that could have happened
3) Wherever it starts i the right time
4) When it’s over, it’s over

One law: If you are in a session and you are not engaged, get up and leave and find a session that resonates better. It is not considered rude. Miss Manners, that section of your book needs to be rewritten 😉

Our community is developers and business experts, you are mostly connected to this side when you are at your desk. This is why mobile has not been our highest priority.

To most of our site you can subscribe via RSS feeds, forums you can even get email notices for the areas that you are interested in.

I experimented with Eventtracka bit, got some pictures from Flickr tagged with MCU2008 showing up there, but the Tag confusion: MCU08 or MCU2008 triggered a confusion on the backend too.

A lot of interest and people struggling with mobilizing their community, enabling. So far no one has it all figured out.

Big regional difference. A lot of talk about one screen (only mobile) versus two screens where you have a computer and a cell phone. Voice still the fastest growing application on mobile devices. I thought SMS would be the killer application.

Here are some things I thought about that we could do better in SDN and BPX land. Have a lightweight version of our site for mobile browsing. Enable forum posts to be answered via email too. (It is a bit tough to link emails from members that have their same email address linked to multiple users, but there are solutions for that.) Eventtracking all of our events, even if I didn’t get it going this time, to have an easy way to see the conversation, picture, blog stream is just very sweet.

They also had a great way to end the event, that I may try out at the next Community Day.

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