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Streamserve: Complementary solution extensions

Collaboration among several service providers is nowadays normal. To complement solutions and simultaneous leveraging the overall value for the customers is one among a large variety of market drivers. SAP’s partner eco space is well known and delivers increased customer value over years.

Synchronization on knowledge and networking are two of the main drivers to organize now 8th time in sequence the “Global Financial Services Base Camp for SAP and Partners”. This year, 2008, we used the opportunity to get first partner engagements into our SAP BPX for Banking community using podcast web2.0 environment.

The Podcast discusses how financial institutions can turn challenges such as the US subprime crisis into opportunities, by establishing personalized and proactive customer communications. One-to-one Marketing on SAP documents such as account statements enables companies to increase revenues and enhance loyalty while reducing costs.

Interviewees: Robert Thiele & Silvia Dornrieden

Additional Information:

  • StreamServe FinServe solutionbrief and
  • “Increase customer interaction using communication alternatives”

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Kind regards Paul Centen

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  • … As indicated by the hyperlink this topic is followed up by a blog…

    What actually is the value of this …emhhh… blog? hyperlink? topic?

    Wouldn’t it have been nice at least to tell us when your conference is going to happen? Today? Next week? In October? Or when your podcast can be expected? Wouldn’t it have been enough to blog once the content is actually there?

    I’d herewith kindly ask the operators of SCN to create a small ‘side portal’ (dubbed RSDN or something) to allow for serious, grounded and sustainable discussion as leave the existing portal for the less substantial but obviously publicity-like more appealing contributions.

    sorry paul for misusing your BLOG(hyperlink? topic?) for my petition.


    • Hello Mr.Wenzelhuemer, the podcast is already included in this blog. At the right hand top you find a button “download media”. The blog (to be hyperlinked to) is in the approval process. The remark about side portal and differentiation I don’t understand. Warm regards Paul
    • Hi Anton – You make a good point, and this is a valuable lesson for the future.

      To me StreamServe represents expertise in document process management that complements SAP’s exceptional depth in business process management and the nurturing of ecosystems that support these processes. It’s the symbiosis of these two solutions (and many others in the ecosystem) that enables unique capabilities no one of us can do on our own.

      In that context, a few themes come to mind … in scenarios such as account opening, for example, with SAP and StreamServe customers have the ability to consolidate related documents from many sources into a single mailing, thus improving the customer experience while reducing cost (mainly postage and printing) for the institution. Further, these documents can include dynamic messaging (for example a promotion to take advantage of the sunny weather when all of a sudden it’s cold and raining), or personalized messaging (for example, if you know something about the customer such as the person’s age, preferences, they fact she has excess balances in another checking/current account, etc.), both of which further deepen the customer relationship. Along the way both customer satisfaction and retention tend to go way up just by treating the customer as an individual rather than as a commodity, which is often the case with generic messages.

      On a related note, I’ve thought a lot about how the evolution of the automobile industry in certain ways parallels what we’re seeing happen in the world of document process management and distribution. You’ll see more on this in an upcoming post.

      Thanks again for your constructive feedback …