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What is new at SAP in the area of Order Management?

At SAP, we are constantly striving to deliver enterprise solutions to accelerate business innovation (yep, I am a proud employee!). We regularly invite our customers to partner with us to identify and address new business challenges. As of today, there are two initiatives in the area of Order Management that you must know about – and are cordially invited to participate in.

Order to Cash and Contract to Cash Benchmarking

The Americas’ SAP Users’ Group (ASUG) recently launched benchmarking initiatives for Order to Cash and Contract to Cash processes. Participation is free of charge and is open to ASUG Installation members. The benchmarking survey takes 2 – 3 days to complete and must be submitted by April 16, 2008 in order to be included in the first round of reporting.

For more information or to register for the study, click here


About ASUG

“In 1990, fifteen SAPPHIRE® attendees met at the conclusion of the conference to form an SAP users’ group. Within one year, ASUG was created.”
“As the world’s largest, customer-run community of SAP professionals, ASUG has the unique ability to continuously offer the resources you need…every day of the year.”


About ASUG/SAP Benchmarking Initiative

“The ASUG/SAP Benchmarking program provides a unique opportunity for ASUG Installation Members to assess where their companies excel and determine areas for improvement. Participants learn about current and emerging best practices, enabling them to quickly adopt ideas fueling excellence at world-class organizations. Survey participation is currently free for ASUG Installation Members, and participating companies will receive a detailed and comprehensive custom report comparing the efficiency and effectiveness of their processes and systems with best-in-class Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).”


About Order to Cash and Contract to Cash Benchmarking

“The Order to Cash and Contract to Cash Benchmarking studies cover six business processes, more than 25 key performance indicators and 45 best practices. The Order to Cash survey is usually most relevant to those in the manufacturing area, while Contract to Cash generally works best for those in the service industry. However, both surveys are available to all ASUG member companies, included with installation membership.”

SAP Order Management Study

The SAP Order Management study is an initiative by SAP Product Management to identify the current and emerging trends for Order Management and to understand how companies have been successful at Order Management and what the unaddressed challenges are. The study will help to define what is needed in the next generation of Order Management solutions.


About SAP Order Management study

The SAP Order Management study is a broad study of the Order Management process aimed at understanding the key trends and challenges. It is open to SAP and non-SAP customers and is targeted at leading companies with a flair for business innovation. The time frame for the study is March – April 2008.


About benefit to study participants

The study is a great opportunity to influence SAP’s strategy and product roadmap in the area of Order Management. All participants will have access to project findings on key trends in the Order to Cash cycle and lessons learned by other leading companies. They will also gain exposure to industry best practices for Order Management.

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  • Order management is one of the focus areas at SAP and we have launched several initiatives, across CRM and ERP, as mentioned in this blog. We would now like to extend our activities to include the CRM community and encourage you to comment on trends and areas that you believe are relevant for your business and industry. We are committed to co-innovation and would like to leverage the collective intelligence of this community to continue building the best order management solution.

    With these blogs, I would like to kick off a vibrant discussion of where order management needs to go. Please share your insight on order management processes and provide your valuable feedback. This is your opportunity to help shape the future direction and roadmap of order management and to influence SAP’s product strategy.

    Looking forward to your contributions and stay tuned for more updates.
    • This invitation almost missed my attention because I was stuck with the first study paragraph.  What is embedded here is really an opportunity for collaboration.  You need only find the conversation partners.  Do that by mining the already present CRM resources in the community.  Their mentorship, advice, input, guidance is what will help create an environment of collaboration.  Start here, for example with Give vs Take.
  • Prashant, off the bat – I am so glad SAP is spending time on this.

    One of the major troubles we face on the field is that sales and marketing numbers can rarely be compared apples to apples. The data models are very different, and there is hardly any useful business content etc. That would be one area where SAP could do something to make life easier and more efficient for its clients.

    Another area that comes to mind is pricing and condition technique. CRM has very limited abilities on condition technique compared to ERP. 

    I am keenly looking forward to future blogs on this subject, and to participate in this conversation.