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How SAP creates Alerts before expiry of Number range

Ever wondered how to monitor number ranges before reaching the critical limit ?  In this blog, I will explain  how expiry of number ranges are alerted in SAP.

Number ranges are used for generating numbers while creating Master data, Transaction documents. Business  normally monitors the document numbers. SAP has a feature to give warning before expiry of number range.

The procedure is simple and explained in few steps with a sample scenario

Transaction code- SNRO holds the key. See figure- 1


Figure-1 : Initial screen for SNRO transaction

Give the Number range Object- RF_ BELEG. The output is as below in Fig-2


Fig-2 : Screen for maintaining Warning % for number range

Here warning % has been set as 30 %. Which means, if the availability of numbers are say 100, while posting 70th document and afterwards, system gives a message, ( till you change the number range ). Here the transaction is also given for maintaining the Number range ( FBN1 )

Just see the following example in Fig- 3, I have maintained Number range 01 for 2006 .

Availability – 30 numbers ( from 102000 to 102029) and the current number is 102018.


Fig-3 : Number range status before testing.

After posting the next document, the status is updated as below : Now the number appears as 102019 in Figure- 4


Fig- 4 : Number range status after posting.

While posting the document number 102020 ( 20th document ), system shows a message that number range has reached critical limit. This is because, out of total  range of  30 numbers, 30 % warning means 9 numbers is the critical limit. i.e 102029-9 = 102020 is the number at which system gives the message. See figure- 5


Figure- 5 : System alert message for critical number range.


Fig- 6 : Document posted after the message.

After the document is posted, see the revised status now.


Fig- 7 : Number range status after posting the document.

System will issue this alert message as in Fig- 5 till you increase the number range or change the warning % .

See how simple and effective it is ….

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