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Administering Mutiple Systems using Netweaver Administrator (NWA)

Hello Everybody! Finally, I have decided to have a go at my first blog. With NWA taking WAS administration to new levels and it replacing Visual Admin from Netweaver 7.10, the future of WAS Administration will definitely see a lot of use of NWA. So, thought it may not be a bad idea to start with a blog on NWA. The NWA is part of WAS Java as of NW04 SP12. So, you don’t have to install it separately.  To start with, I will focus on how to connect a remote Java System to the NWA which is the first step to administer the Java processes running on a remote Java only or an ABAP+JAVA System in the NWA. May be in the next blog I will cover how to connect an ABAP System which is configured as a CEN.  


Step1. Configure local SLD in the System where you will be using NWA. Also you may want to use a SLD in a separate server.  

Step 2. Register the NWA System to the SLD. 

Step 3: Register the Java System to the SLD and configure the access data. 


+Please note that these steps can be performed in a much easier way using the Template Installer by selecting the appropriate Template+ Login to the Visual Admin of the System whose Java processes has to be administered and navigate to the server node, choose Services ® SLD Data Supplier and configure1. HTTP Settings2. CIM Client generation Settings. Make sure you check the following jar files  Note: The hostname, Port and User should be of the System where SLD is configured.    Save -> CIMClient Test. Once done, trigger data transfer to SLD  _Step 3:_ Now login to the Visual Admin of the System whose Java processes has to be administered and configure the SLD Data Supplier service as done earlier.  Now, when we go back to the SLD which we had configured earlier we will be able to see this particular System.    Now, if we go to the NWA page and Navigate to System Management -> Administration -> Systems we will be able to see this Java System but when we click on it to check the processes it pops up a pop-up prompting for User-Id and Password, 

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  • Hello, its very nice to see ur blog about NWA, I do know all about this but u kept on the face of for even dummies can work with this.
    thanks and keep posting.