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Café Innovation – IT the Enabler

In an earlier post (Café Innovation – SOA and the new role of IT), I had raised the need for IT to redefine its role in the organization.  I had pointed out that this is important because the changing IT world and the global environment demand that computing should become increasingly flexible and nimble. The argument is that if on the one hand we need the necessary stability and robustness to provide a solid platform from which to execute business-critical transactions, then on the other hand it is important to provide business users the ability to interact, collaborate and take advantage of community resources. IT can help bridge the sometimes conflicting demands.

If IT is to “adapt its function from the dictatorship of old” (discussed in the SAP NetWeaver Magazine (Winter 2008) article titled: Looking for SOA Success? Rethink the IT Role, and online at: ) to become not just an ally of the business but an enabler, then what are some specific things that can be done? How should organizations, in general, and IT in particular, approach this matter? What are the current trends in this regard?

In a new article in the SAP NetWeaver Magazine (Spring 2008) titled,  “SOA Success: When IT Enables the Business”  ( ) I have initiated a discussion on how IT  can make a meaningful difference in an organization’s SOA journey by enabling business users to dream, design, develop, and deploy creative business processes. The focus, in my opinion, needs to be on approach and intent because the technology challenges today in the quest for SOA success are not insurmountable. The fact that technologically we have come a long way, is confirmed by many today, including Deepak Alur, Vice President of Engineering at JackBe, a provider of enterprise mashup capabilities. In its own way, SAP has also been demonstrating its seriousness in this area.

I invite you to share additional ways in which IT can prove to be a true enabler for the business.

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