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Tag Clouds from my SDN Blogs and the Community Project

Recently, Marliyn Pratt Community is the Word about the tag cloud from her blogs.

I decided that I wanted to create a tag cloud as well. I struggled to find a site that would use either the RSS feed from my blogs or take my blog url  and recursively go through all blogs.  I discarded ManyEyes as an option for my blogs, because you have to enter the text itself After a few attempts, a finally ended up inputting the last 15 urls manually in to Raimaker. I excluded  the following words “business,card,create,code,richard,hirsch,the,data,etc,siemens,site,via,involve” and got the following cloud.

I thought it was interesting in that that the biggest words were “process” and “community”. Pretty much reflecting my current interests. I’d be curious to see a cloud on my earlier blogs. (If somebody has a site that might work, then just tell me in the comments).

I then decided to look at the tag cloud for all the scripts in the first completed scenario of the Community Project. To do this, I used ManyEyes and copied the entire text from the scripts. I deleted the first names and the roles. I expected that “process” would dominate but I was intrigued to see that customer and information were so predominant.

(Click on the image to enlarge it)

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  • It’s an interesting thing to see someones interest boiled down to a tag cloud. I’ve used various sites over the years and created a few of my own apps to do tag clouds but the end result is always the same – a truly and unique look into the mind of another person.

    Nice job!

    • I think the next step is trying to find out how to really use these clouds. There is a great blog ( that deals with Second Generation Tag Clouds and tells how users might actually use these clouds and how such clouds may be integrated into future user interfaces.


      • Tons of ideas around it but no one has really come out with a practical use case yet. last week at the Enterprise 2.0 Summit in Hannover several used a tag cloud as part of their presentation to explain “who I am” – work brilliantly!
        • Nice idea… it would be amazing to combine a tag cloud with a mind map to get the related concepts linking together rather than the linear approach.