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Transport of DTP process settings, a BI7 bug?

If you have compared the technical name of DTP in your BI development environment(DEV) and production environment(PRD), you’ll find they are different for the same DTP.This is normal and usually we don’t put more concern on it.We can still modify DTPs in DEV and transport them to PRD, everything is fine.

Yesterday I noiced something might be a bug regarding the different technical name of DTPs.Here’s the whole procedure:

1,Modify the “Number of Processes” to 1 in DEV of DTP “Z1CCOO01 -> Z1CCOO11″(technical name: DTP_48A6M6H0A91E5GOPWCF3FBDAS) and click the truck icon to create a request for PRD.






2,We can see the request includes the table RSBATCHPARALLEL.



3,In SE16, the table content shows this record



4,Then I transported this request. In PRD I saw the result of the transport, a same record in the table RSBATCHPARALLEL.



5,But, remember, the technical name of the same DTP is different in two systems, which means this record won’t help to make the change of settings in PRD.Take a look at the technical name below.


So the system has sucessfully tranported the table content to PRD. But due to the technical name change of DTP it wouldn’t bring the change of settings to PRD. I have to modify the number directly in PRD, it works fine.

Is this a BI7 bug? Or did I miss something?

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  • There are a handful of Notes dancing around the issue of Transports and DTPs – so it seems like the bumps are still being smoothed out.

    Rather than just post this information as a bug/possible bug, I think it would be helpful to community to walk through how you might resolve this, e.g.

    – Identify the SP you are on.
    – Search for Notes subsequent to your SP – perhaps the problem is already fixed, e.g. Note 992515 – 70SP11: Correction report Content DTPs
    – Open a customer message with SAP.

  • Hi

    We got the same issue: ”Number of Processes’ in ‘Batch Manager Settings’ must be greater than 1′ when we try to activate a DTP.

    It came after we patched to SP21. Did you find a solution?