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Postgraduate to become a BPX

I am doing an upgrade to my MSc gained 10 years ago now at Viennas University of Technology. The “familiy” of MSc’s in engineering management has grown during last 10 years. About 130 persons passed this program getting a very unique education.

Being a technician to get knowldege of all fields like in a standard MBA-education and having the addon of technical issues for management generates very good oppurtunities for management positions being different to “bean counters”.

If you are interested in the thematics follow this link . Prof. Kopacek is really an amazing guy with a great vision starting this program 12 years ago. I have been in the 3rd program and was in the hotel accross the street when Mercedes bought Chrysler. It was a great time and this program opened many doors for me comming in touch with leading entrepreneurs like Frank Stronach from Magna ( ).

Looking back 10 years, it was a great decision to run through this program -> allowing me today jump into a managing job at WareLite Ltd. UK  just by meeting the CEO and start to talk. Based on 19 years of SAP-Expirience combining all of my NON-SAP-Experince with SAP-Experience today this program helped me realy to face all challenges comming up being a BPX understanding needs of most people either being financial, logistic, production or human ressources staff and to talk to them in their language.

Best Regards

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  • It would be useful if you share more specifics of your skill remediation or training upgrade.  What does enhancing your BPX skills through academic investment mean from your perspective?  Examples, journaling, sharing your discoveries might be of interest to others engaged in similar training and education.
    • Hello Marilyn, you are right, I try to do this here.

      This study brings lots of knowledge of real cases of technology projects to you referencing all fields from accounting to legeal requirements, logistics, production innovation, socil & ethical behavior and so on. That is a great add on giving you a bread knowledge about all processes in a company and not mainly financial knowledge as a MBA provides.

      Most of the students are experienced managers or technicians so the share lots of knowledge from reality.

      Running through this programm you get lots of practicable tools (= knowledge) to identify, setup or reengineer processes.

      Also staff is not only academical, but most of them coming from companies teaching you also existing and successful approaches for lots of different demands.

      So I am basically an electrician engineer, and did not have knowledge about financial processes. I also not a lawyer but I gained some knowldege about international projects.

      We got additonal knowledge (above MBA skills) in
        * robotics
        * automitive production methods
        * Mechatronics
        * Innovation management
        * Operations research, optimized product mix
        * procuremnt processes (electronic markets B2B)
        * artificial inteligence
        * fuzzy logic
        * et cetera
        * Systems engineering
        * Manufactoring, ERP, MRP, MRPII,

      =;-) Bernhard

      I hope that makes it more clear.