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My experience: writing my first blog and Whats new with the ‘new MDM Java API SP06’ ?

So here it is, after months of brainstorming and reasoning I ‘d decided to take the plunge,hence my first weblog.Though, intially I had written this with the purpose i.e. to enable developers like you and me to find information from multiple sources collaborated at one place.Thus, the first iteration of the same briefly oulined enhancements between last two version of the ‘new MDM Java API’ i.e between SP05 & SP06. But, I guess that was too much explanation for my first blog.So, as guided by our Community Evangelist,here I am writing down my experience.

I was new to the MDM Java API, that was in Jan ’07.To handle a crisis situation  was given the task to work on a MDM Portal implementation. Being my first exposure to MDM and the respective APIs(SP04), MDM4J was tough specially making sense out of SP04 api code snippets.Later on, this was with MDM SP05 release thankfully, for my life and many other Netweaver(Java) developers SAP bought back the ‘new MDM Java API’, which had been introduced initially with SP03.

As many of you mite know, the ‘new MDM Java API’ follows an architecture which seperates connections on the network layer from logical sessions which are then used to execute commands. Using the API, the developer needs to establish a connection first, create sessions on top of it and use sessions to execute commands which the API provides. It was very recently only in Sept – Oct ’07 that I had read, dissected and mastered the API version which was rolled out with SP05 release. But guess what, come Jan.’08 and SAP comes out with release MDM SP06. So thinking  just before I do, start feeling outdated. I’d set out on my search for new lessons on the MDM Java API.

Following the URL given above,you will be redirected to section on which lists out the new commands,fixes and changes in the recent most version of API i.e. SP06.Given below is the link to another blog which further provides couple of valuable links relating to new features of the ‘new MDM Java API’,

SAP NetWeaver MDM Java API – What’s new in SP06

Anybody having even a brief exposure to MDM Portal integration implementation using SP04 API, would be able to appreciate how much is SAP working towards simplifying life for us (developers). This API release marks another step forward by SAP in providing an option to mirror the rich client functionalities using simple Java API code.Thus providing another set of possibilities to architects/developers while carrying out MDM – Portal integration implementations. 

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