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Chatting with Analysts on Text Analysis and Intelligent Search

So we sat down with some analysts from Forrester and Gartner over the last two weeks, and some very interesting thoughts emerged.

First off, we showed off a new skunkworks project currently known as Eagle Eye. And we got the best response we could have hoped for — one of the analysts said, and I quote, “I’d buy that!”. And not in the Robocop “I’d buy that for a dollar” sense either.

Secondly, completely unprompted, prior to us even showing Intelligent Search, we got great feedback about the importance of data/search federation to the modern company, 80-90% of which have 3-5+ search engines in-house, and need to leverage a wide variety of “outside the firewall” information such as and web information.

Then we heard about how important the “conversational result model” is to the idea of relevance. IE, relevance can only get you so far — you need ways of seeing what is in your returned set at a glance and saying “Yes, THAT’s what I’m looking for”.

Intelligent Search just happens to do both. It provides a way to cross previously disconnected data sources via federation AND it “converses” with users via smart clustering and filtering capabilities on entities (things) it discovers in the full text of search results.

So it’s been a good and exciting week for us here!

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