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SAP Ecosystem All Star Team at the SAP Forum in Brazil

According to the Financial Times Brazil just surpassed China as the biggest emerging market if you compare available shares on their stock markets. How timely that an SAP Global Ecosystem and Partner Group All-Star Team will participate in Brazil’s SAP Forum 2008 an SAP TechEd like event for South America. (I am convinced one day in the not so distant future, there will be a full SAP TechEd with Community Day, Clubhouse and all that Jazz 😉 

The following SAP colleagues will be in Sao Paulo and keynote the SAP Forum 2008:

Zia Yusuf Zia Yusuf Executive Vice President, Global Ecosystem and Partner Group, SAP. He is Responsible for Leading the World’s Largest Enterprise Software Company in Developing Partnerships and Processes for its Software Platform                            

Singh Mecker

S. Singh Mecker is Senior Vice President Global Ecosystem and Partner Group. In this role, he is responsible for managing all activities for SAP’s global technology and software partners.

Mark Yolton

Mark Yolton is Senior Vice President of the SAP Developer Network (SDN) and Business Process Expert (BPX) communities, plus the TechEd and Tech Tour events that serve these community members.


We took this opportunity to check out who are the Top Brazilian Contributors on SDN and BPX. The following screenshot lists all Brazilian members having over 250 lifetime points:  

Top Contributors from Brazil March 2008

If any of you Top Contributors are at the SAP forum please let us know and we will organize that you can meet Zia, Singh and or Mark. 

We also calculated Top 3 Brazilian Companies contributing to SDN and BPX:


























Agile Solutions























Here in SDN and BPX Land we don’t know enough about what is going on regarding SAP in Brazil. I hear that there is an SAP development center with 400 employees. I also hear that partners are doing cutting edge stuff like service enabling their solutions and offering them as Enterprise Services to our customers. Please share these stories more often here. Hopefully Mark Yolton will find time to blog some impressions from his trip. 

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  • Being Zia and Mark so close, I expect to be there. It is an excellent opportunity to listen or maybe talk with them.
    Best Regards,
    PS: about teched in South America, I would wish next year it will be the time.
  • Yes, it is becoming true – more than 150 colleagues work already in Sao Leopoldo, close to Porto Alegre. So just fly in from Sao Paulo, it is only 1,5 hours away :-).
    Hope we´ll contribute more to SDN in the future!
    Have a nice stay in Brazil,
  • Hello Mark,

    it seems that finally some spots are poiting to brazilian market. 🙂 We indeed have a huge potential but last years investiment rates seem to show to that it has cooled down. Not at all. As foreign investiments grow in Brazil, so will, in a short-term period, the new investiments of the companies in process optmization, governance and compliance. And there lies SAP’s (and all EcoSystem) great opportunity. 😀

    In SAP Forum me and my team will be presenting some of the solutions SAP have developed for local specific requirements. It’s not only related to Business Suite traditional localization, but also new solutions. In this SAP Forum we’ll be presenting the new standard SAP xApp for brazilian NFe (electronic invoicing) government project, for instance.

    So, Brazil is still hot.
    Actually it’s hotter than ever.

    Best regards,

  • Zia, Singh, and I are looking forward to attending and participating in the event.  We’ll all do “keynotes,” with Zia’s being the most important and broad regarding the ecosystem overall, while Singh and I focus more on our specific areas (Singh on: software and tech partners; me on: communities including virtual interaction on SDN/BPX plus in-person interaction at Tech Tour and TechEd). 

    I’m especially interested to meet SDN and BPX community members — so please seek us out and introduce yourself at the event; we want to meet you if you’re there next week. 

    Best regards,

    Mark Yolton

    • Hi Mark,

      thank you for your warm welcome and also thank you for hearing our feedbacks. I think I speak for everyone when I say that it meant a lot to us, as members of the community, independent on which company we work at.

      Best regards,

  • Hi Developers in Latin America,
    Turns out that at the same place of the SAP Forum there is also going to be the SAP Developer Day March 18th in Sao Paulo and Mark Yolton is going to keynote that event. How cool is that. So far they only announced this via mailing lists, but now they also created a wiki page in the events section of SDN:

    If you are in that corner of the world check it out. It is going to be interesting, Mark. 

    • to have these community events in south america is for me almost a dream, congratulations and thanks to all involved for the effort.