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Qualified table field-Matching and Merging

The web blog shows the problem or we can say the unique in-built feature about the Qualified table and its “Yes” qualifier fields that during merging we can’t make selection of the data of the Qualified table.

 In Master data management, in various scenarios we define qualified, flat hierarchy tables in the main table in the repository in MDM Console as in the below figure.


The Qualified table Address includes No qualifier and others Yes qualifiers which vary according to the No qualifier.


In the Data Manager the problem comes in record mode while merging the duplicate records having some qualified table fields. Like here in the two records to be merged address is a qualified table the fields which are “Yes” qualifiers can’t be seen here only “No” qualifiers are visible.



So, while merging them to have an updated or complete record we have to select the data out of the following two records to merge them but as the  “Yes”qualified fields data can not be seen so which to select which not is a problem here. As we can select any of the two but which one is more actual we can’t select.




So to solve this only solution is to make their clone fields in the qualified table and take them as No qualifiers and map them while importing to the source fields. But it is a tedious job if there are many “Yes” Qualifier fields.

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  • There’s a how-to guide that tackles this issue.
    “How To… Consolidate Data in Qualified Tables” published June 2007.
    It proposes a work-around: to store the qualified data into a separate repository and then talk using XML files.

    I guess, this can be tackled in a slightly better way once we have multiple main tables in a repository(Q4 2008).