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E-Commerce B2B Transaction Search Enhancement

This blog is to help E-Commerce developers to understand the development process involved in the transaction search enhancement. Part 2 of this blog will address Search Result screen enhancement. *Requirement:* Enhance the *Transaction Search* to be able to search the orders/quotations by Customer Part Number (Partner product number). Image 2 *Solution Overview:*             E-Commerce uses Generic Search framework to generate the search screen, which can be configured in the *b2b\WEB-INF\xcm\sap\modification\generic-searchbackend-config.xml *file. The CRM One order reporting framework performs the backend search, which can be enhanced as required since it does not support all the document/transaction attributes.


*Solution Detail Steps:*

*Step-1:* Add the Customer Product Number field to the *CRMC_REPDY* table to enhance the One Order reporting framework since it does not support the attribute. Image 2

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