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Custom login screen for External Facing Portal

| Before I start with the module explanation, let me guide you shortly through the required steps, which you have to perform to prepare your portal landscape for the custom login module that you are about to build (this blog guides you on how to achieve a look like this below).image
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    • Hi Ivan,

      sorry to prove you wrong, but you don’t actually need any action, because the post is just send back to the same page where the user is and then the event is catched by the portal framework and the user is logged in.


  • This is not an implementation of a login module.
    Login modules make up the authentication stack of the Java Stack.
    This Blog is about a custom Logon Screen.

    Best regards,

    • Hi Ivan,

      Here you are right, probably its a term misunderstanding, but that is what i wanted to describe. I am far from the idea of building authentication classes. If you plan to do so, let me know where I can find your blog on the topic.


  • Hi…. Your Blog is pretty helpful. Although I have a problem with the code. I used the same logic, but when I test it with a wrong password on purpose I get the message: “No portal roles are assigned for this user.If this problem persists, contact your system administrator.”
    Is there anything you think I missed?
    • Hmm well in any case I can’t tell without seeing the code, but one possibility could be if you have put some sort of action in the form. It should be empty. If it is indeed empty, then i can’t really help you remotely. Other reason could be that the portal is playing with the rule collection and selecting another desktop, but this can only happen if you try to switch frameworks.

      Hope it helps.

    • Hi Josue,

      Unfortunately there is no such thing as everything about EFP. The topic is quite new compared to the rest of the Netweaver World and finding information tend to be hard. However visting the TechEd will surely give you a better overview of what is possible and what not. If you have any concrete questions, you can always put them in the forum and I don’t doubt that you’ll get an answer sooner or later:=)


  • Hi Todor,

    Am Excellent blog. I would like to achieve something almost similiar. Also looked at “Pimp my portal” which is equally good.

    I am using the CE 7.1 version of the portal, would you happen to have any idea on that! I have created the custom login screen, I have deployed the ear but under Content Administration ->”portal applications” in the Portal I don’t see the application I created!

    Hoping to hear form you.Thank you in advance.

    Best regards,

    • In CE 7.1 everything seems to be working differently and since I don’t have a server where I can test it, I can’t provide you with any further feedback. Sorry about that.


  • Just 2 comments:

    – Since you did not implement a login module I guess the standard logon screen appears if your sso ticket expires.

    – Sending passwords over unsecured internet connections is not a good idea. So don’t count on my registration to your website 😉

    • Hi Karsten,

      well let me shortly comment on the two issues.
      I have never seen the standard login screen in 2 years time since we’re online, but if you say so…probably I’ll have to login and wait for a day and see what happens. Due to the second one you’re completely right. However we plan on introducing https over the next few this issue will be also resolved.


  • First, very nice blog.

    Is there a way to trim those extra javascript/css files in the  section. Particularly this stuff:


    I mean no matter how light the page is, you always get those HTMLB related content, and its not as light as it can be. I understand the workarrounds/tradeoffs to these, (ex. minification, expires header, etc..)

    My question is how can we get rid of them in the first place. Even your company website has those scripts/css.

    Any ideas?


    PS: I posted this under your “pimp my portal” blog by mistake

  • Hi, thanks for you post, it was very useful for me, but I have a question. You said in another post, that maybe you can have problems if you are using different desktop or if you try to switch destop. I have 2 anonymous users, and I’m entering to diferents portal desktop depending on the anonymous user. So if I enter the portal with the param ?guest_user=user, I’m facing a problem when I enter an invalid user, no matter you put, also if you put blanks, it goes to the desktop portal for the default anonymous user. Any ideas of why is happening this? Thanks a lot
    • Hi Pablo,

      I guess it all depends on how you defined your master rule collection. If the decision is taken based on the user, it is quite normal that in case of a wrong user, the portal navigates to the default desktop. You can define the so called aliases for the portal and then use them for decision taking.

      Best regards,
      Todor Petrov