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Audio – CRM ROI Reviews – Executive Summary

How much value can you generate by offering customer-focused products and services and by implementing customer-centric processes that result in lasting relationships? Our customer ROI Reviews show you the substantial benefits that companies realize when they implement the SAP Customer Relationship Management (SAP CRM) application.

SAP CRM allows companies to cut the costs of front-end transactions, increase cross-selling and up-selling opportunities, and anticipate customer needs better – all of which contribute to a significant return on a solution investment.

You can now listen to the following company-specific ROI Executive Reviews – and learn how SAP CRM is helping enterprises generate more value:
  1. adidas-Salomon: Using SAP CRM, adidas executed on its strategy to regain market position. The company has realized a 26% internal rate of return on its investment through cost savings from automation of manual processes, increased revenue from cross-sell and up-sell efforts, and improved productivity among sales agents.
  2. Adobe: Adobe System’s North American Customer Care Center expects to capture a 16% internal rate of return on its SAP CRM-Genesys investment. The company will realize productivity increases, lower call volume, enhanced revenue, and reduced call-handling time.
  3. Avid Technologies: Avid implemented SAP CRM to unify customer-focused processes across marketing sales, and customer support. The company has achieved a 68% internal rate of return by increasing revenue from customer acquisition, improved marketing campaigns, and proactive contract management 
  4. BKW: By leveraging SAP CRM, BKW expects a 15% IRR through 2007. The company is benefiting from increased productivity, better use of resources, internal execution of marketing campaigns, and insourced training
  5. Brother: Brother implemented SAP CRM to reduce product returns and anticipate customer needs. The company has realized an actual savings greater than the forecast, a 129% return on investment.
  6. Brutélé: One of Belgium’s largest multimedia operators realized a 26% IRR on its SAP CRM investment through increased customer service center productivity, increased help desk productivity, and reduced payment cycles
  7. Canada Post: Canada Post is using SAP CRM to increase cross-selling and up-selling opportunities and reduce data entry and maintenance costs. The company derived financial benefits 24% higher than forecasted, including achieving an ROI of 26% and eliminating $25 million in revenue leakage  
  8. Cardinal Health, Medical Products, and Services: Cardinal expects to achieve a 70% internal rate of return with SAP CRM, which will help the company improve operational efficiency, streamline key business processes, and shorten cycle times  
  9. CJ Corp.: CJ Corp., a top consumer goods producer in South Korea, captured a 15% internal rate of return by using SAP CRM to integrate the company’s marketing, sales, and service functions – realizing greater cost savings and revenue increases
  10. C.H. Beck: C. H. Beck will see a 56% internal rate of return through 2009 on its SAP CRM investment. The company, one of the leading publishing houses in Germany, will use SAP CRM to enable active author relationship management, reduce research times, increase in productivity, and integrate license-fee billing
  11. Day & Zimmermann: With SAP CRM, Day & Zimmermann expects to realize a 56% IRR through reduced costs in excess of US$9 million. The company achieved these reductions by increasing automation and information sharing, along with eliminating costs for software upgrades           
  12. Energie AG: Energie AG is achieving a 23% internal rate of return on their investment with SAP CRM. The company is using the solution to maximize operational efficiency, slash operating costs, connect with their most valuable customers, and reduce transaction costs
  13. Mascot International: Using SAP CRM, Mascot improved customer access and satisfaction while creating a standardized IT environment. The company expects to maintain an annual growth rate of 20 – 25% without additional personnel and achieve a 28.3% reduction in total cost of ownership
  14. Molex: SAP CRM functionality has helped Molex develop market segments, improve pipeline visibility, and streamline a wide range of sales processes. Through increased revenue and opportunities for cost-cutting, the company expects to realize a 97% internal rate of return on its SAP CRM investment             
  15. Pacific Coast Feather: Using SAP CRM, Pacific Coast Feather will see over $900,000 in revenue contribution from increased order size and faster acquisition of new B2B customers. In addition, a reduction in manual order entry and lower catalog and sample-mailing costs will result in a savings of over $30,000
  16. Perdigão: Perdigão has achieved a 52% internal rate of return by deploying SAP CRM. Specifically, the company increased its market share from 14.5% to 22%, experienced an average 30-day improvement in customer response time, and expects that more targeted sales efforts will net R$2.24 million ($785,000 USD) 
  17. Philips Consumer Electronics: Philips has realized a 26% IRR from its SAP CRM investment. With functionality that enables internet sales and interaction center management, the company was able to reduce costs through order desk automation, improved online sales, and the elimination of legacy systems
  18. RWTÜV AG: This professional services organization will see a 23% IRR through 2007 by retiring legacy systems and improving its contract set-up and cash management processes with SAP CRM
  19. Schering: Pharmaceutical leader Schering do Brasil is using SAP Customer Relationship Management to increase sales contributions, improve process efficiencies, and increase employee productivity. The company estimates capturing a 15% internal rate of return on its SAP CRM investment
  20. Schwan’s Food Service: Schwan’s is using SAP CRM to drive integrated, cross-functional sales and marketing initiatives based on intelligent use of customer data. The company expects to realize a 100% internal rate of return through sales growth from targeted marketing, higher volume of Web traffic, and faster lead closures
  21. Sterling Group: This company achieved a 74% IRR on its SAP CRM investment through improved sales performance, increased margins, optimized sales resources, and maximized demand planning
  22. Tallard Technologies: Tallard Technologies expects to realize a 144% internal rate of return on its SAP CRM investment. Better opportunity management will boost revenue contribution by more than $268,000 in 2006 – and clear visibility into inventory will contribute an additional $20,000 in revenue 
  23. Waters Corp.: Using SAP CRM, Waters Corp. recast its service organization as a profit center and improved the productivity of marketing and telesales. The company has realized an internal rate of return of 35% over four-and-a-half years.

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