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SAP Insider – CRM 2008 Post Presentation Q&A – What’s new in the SAP CRM Interaction Center for SAP CRM 2006s and SAP CRM 2007

Intent of this Post-Presentation Series

This is one in a series of postings by the presenters of the SAP Insider Conference “CRM 2008” held in Las Vegas, March 2-5.  The comment/talkback feature below provides an opportunity for attendees to interact directly with the presenters and comment or ask questions about their respective CRM presentations.

Title of the Session

What’s new in the SAP CRM Interaction Center for SAP CRM 2006s and SAP CRM 2007


Hear the latest enhancements to SAP CRM Interaction Center (IC) for SAP CRM 2006s and SAP CRM 2007.

  • Get an overview of how SAP CRM IC agent capabilities including a new rule-based agent guidance feature, a wrap-up list with important “to-do reminders” for agents, and support for more flexible business processes such as the ability to create a sales order before confirming a business partner.
  •  Find out how you can personalize the user interface in its screen layout and customize fields and keyboard shortcuts.
  • Get a preview of the new business communications management capabilities for full multi-channel integration with IC and the new Real-Time Offer Management (RTOM) capabilities that use a learning engine to provide real-time cross-sell, up-sell, and retention offers as well as marketing messages to IC agents.
  • See how the RTOM capabilities can help you turn inbound service calls into profitable selling opportunities.
  • In addition, determine how the new CRM-based online transaction processing (OLTP) reporting for service tickets provides on-the-fly, BI-style reporting without the need for a separate SAP NetWeaver Business Intelligence
    (SAP NetWeaver BI) installation.
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  • Hi John-
       We’ve implemented three call centers using the SAP Gui in a CRM 5.0 environment.  Can you please tell us whether there is a migration path for moving the call centers configured in the sapgui to the web based application?  Or will we have to reimplement or reconfigure?


    • Hello Linda,

      This is an excellent question. I will address your specific question below about migrating from IC WinClient to the CRM WebClient Interaction Center. However, I also would like to comment on the migration procedures for IC WebClient customers who want to upgrade to CRM 2007 from CRM 2005 (CRM 5.0) or CRM 4.0.

      Migrating from IC WinClient to the CRM WebClient Interaction Center in CRM 2007 essentially involves a new implementation since the IC WinClient technology and architecture is different from the CRM WebClient technology and architecture. However, this would even be the case if just migrating from IC WinClient to IC WebClient in CRM 2005 (CRM 5.0). A new implementation is required since the IC WinClient does not use the BOL (Business Object Layer) and GenIL (Generic Interaction Layer) model that is leveraged by the IC WebClient and the CRM WebClient. This means that most of the IMG and SAP Menu customization needs to be redone. However, some things do not need to be re-implemented, such as the Solution Database configuration, business partner master data, product master data and so on, which are used by both the IC WinClient and the IC WebClient.

      For IC WebClient customers who want to migrate to the CRM WebClient Interaction Center in CRM 2007, very litle work is required to migrate to CRM 2007 — assuming that no custom PCUI screens have been integrated. All custom PCUI screens will need to be re-implemented using the new WebClient BSP (Business Server Pages) based screens with the standard UI config toolset provided in CRM 2007. In addition, a few customization changes will need to be made for certain functionality like Alerts, Interactive Scripts, and Email Standard Responses which have been improved in CRM 2007. And of course all new CRM 2007 featuers (such as Intent-Driven Interaction) will first need to be implemented before they can be used.

      Warm regards,

      • Hello John,

        I want to know whats the SAP strategy in terms of support for the IC WinClient ?

        1. Is IC WinClient supported in CRM 2007(CRM 6.0) ?
        2. I  see the transaction still exist but not anymore published in the STD CRM menu, so SAP does not recommend to use WinClient ?


        • Hello Anup,

          Thanks for the question.

          As described in SAP note 1118231, with release CRM 2006s/CRM 2007 and above, the CRM WebClient is the standard UI for business users and SAP GUI is no longer supported (except for administrative and configuration tasks). This means that the IC WinClient is no longer supported or available. While the CRM_IC transaction code might still exist, the IMG configuration structure and SAP Menu options have all been removed. So not only is IC WinClient no longer “recommended” it is actually no longer even supported or available either.

          Best regards,

          • Hello John,

            Thanks for the detailed answer.

            I would like to ask you reccomendation:
            We have a scenario of creating an R/3 order(VA01 txn) from CRM IC WebClient. This VA01 is customized heavily with code enhancements etc.

            In the WinClient we could just click a menu option or button to go the R/3 VA01 txn, but in WebClient its not possible without developing the same amount of custom dev which we have done for VA01 in R/3.
            So question is how this can be done easily, One is ITS Web GUI the same VA01 txn lauch in browser. But then we would need a ITS server setup etc and slow too, telesales people would need much faster access due to the high no of calls they do in a day.

            Is there a way we could launch the SAP GUI of VA01 of R/3 from the WebClient screen in the browser ?

            Hope the question is clear to you

            Thanks a lot

          • Hi Anu,

            Probably it is better to ask these type of questions (which are interesting, but not necessarily related to my SAP Insider presentation) on the IC Forum of the PBX site. But as a very short answer, the standard recommended techniques of creating an R/3 or ERP order directly from CRM are:

            – Use the transaction launcher to call the VA01 transaction based on ITS technology. My understanding is that although there were initially problems with ITS back in CRM 3.0, newer versions of ITS do not require separate installations (but are part of the WebAS) and provide fast performance.

            – Use the newer ERP Order API that creates the order using an API based on ECC 6.0 or higher. This technique provides a native CRM screen with built in CRM product proposals, but only supports a very limited subset of functionality available in VA01.

            See my article for more details:


            Best regards,

  • One of the question aked at the end of the “What’s new in the SAP CRM Interaction Center for SAP CRM 2006s and SAP CRM 2007” presentation was in regard to the new ability to include icons in the telephony / multi-channel toolbar in CRM 2007. The person asking the question wanted to know whether customers can create and use their own icons?

    The answer is yes! In transaction CRMC_IC_TLBBTNX (availalbe in CRM 2007) you can specify the path where the icons should be retrieved from. Then in transaction CRMC_IC_TLBPROF you can choose whether to display the icons, text and icons, or just text for each toolbar button.

  • Hello,

    I am in SAP implementation CRM 2007, and need to know how I can add in the Work center page a content blocks with hyperlinks (customizing own of the client).  It is posible?


  • John,
    Our design to date has been based on accessing orders in R/3 instead of replicating all data and user exit logic into CIC order processing.  However, we currently use Citrix when we log into R/3.  In your last comment in the forum you mentioned that Citrix was not needed to switch to R/3 for order processing, but we will need to be able to include Citrix in the process because we have dependencies to order processing tied to it.  Is it possible to have Citrix invovled with the connection between CIC/CRM and R/3?

    Thanks a lot.


    • Hello Shreya,

      I assume that you are referring to using the transaction launcher to call the R/3 Sales Order via ITS (Internet Transaction Server)? If so, I guess your question would have to be addressed to the ITS colleagues. Calling an R/3 transaction from the CRM IC using ITS works the same way as calling the R/3 transaction via ITS from R/3 itself using WebGui. So if it works with Citrix from R/3 to R/3 via ITS/WebGui then I assume it should work from CRM as well — since we don’t impose any IC specific requirements.

      Best regards,

      • Thanks John.
        One more question I have is…how we are assuming we pulling Sales Order R3 screen in IC through transaction launcher will it still automatically create Interaction center?

        Thankyou so much.

        I am planning to buy your new book soon.


        • Hello Shreya,

          I’m not sure that I understand your question? Do you mean “Interaction Record” rather than “Interaction Center”? If so, then yes… an Interaction Record is still created as normal, and the R/3 Sales Order is created in the backend R/3 system but still linked to the Interaction Record in CRM.