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SAP Insider – CRM 2008 Post Presentation Q&A – Use SAP E-Commerce to generate demand and build customer loyalty

Intent of this Post-Presentation Series

This is one in a series of postings by the presenters of the SAP Insider Conference “CRM 2008” held in Las Vegas, March 2-5.  The comment/talkback feature below provides an opportunity for attendees to interact directly with the presenters and comment or ask questions about their respective CRM presentations.

Title of the Session

Use SAP E-Commerce to generate demand and build customer loyalty


Learn how you can make the most out of your online marketing efforts and create a more dynamic online marketing presence using SAP CRM Marketing and SAP E-Commerce.

  • Find out how to create a personalized, targeted Web experience for your customers using your current customer intelligence.
  • Get tips for creating sophisticated scenarios by integrating CRM Marketing and SAP Ecommerce tools for automating campaigns, making real-time product recommendations, personalizing newsletters, and tracking customer responses.
  • See a demonstration showing how to personalize catalog views, pricing, and promotions.
  • Explore Web event analysis, such as tracking what customers are doing when they are online.
  • Foster Web 2.0 tools such as online communities to build loyalty and extend the reach of your customer service.
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