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SAP Insider – CRM 2008 Post Presentation Q&A – How to build customer-specific Web services without developing custom code

Intent of this Post-Presentation Series

This is one in a series of postings by the presenters of the SAP Insider Conference “CRM 2008” held in Las Vegas, March 2-5.  The comment/talkback feature below provides an opportunity for attendees to interact directly with the presenters and comment or ask questions about their respective CRM presentations.

Title of the Session

How to build customer-specific Web services without developing custom code


Learn how to use the Web service tool, a CRM-specific model driven workbench delivered within SAP CRM, to build customer specific Web services and eliminate long hours of writing custom code.

  • Explore the tool’s capabilities such as its wizard-based service modeling, the four steps you’ll take to define a service, and its integration into SAP NetWeaver’s test environment.
  • Find out how the Web Services tool can accelerate your CRM project development by creating Web services based on SAP CRM’s business object layer.
  • Assess the new features and enhancements for the Web service tool. For example, see a demonstration of the new compound services capability for building services that consumes more than one business object and learn about the new usability enhancements.
  • See how you can use the Web service tool to build a composite application (SAP xApp) on top of SAP CRM.
  • Determine how any service-enabled system such as Microsoft products or SAP Interactive Forms by Adobe can consume your Web services.
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  • Hello Thilo,
    I met you in Last Vegas during your presentation in March.
    Can you help me understanding the versioning and usage of Abode interactive forms.
    We are currently working on Ecc5, CRM4.0 and BI7.
    Can we use Adobe form on this configuration?
    We want to be able to used it in CRM as weel as ECC5.
    Thank you for your answer.
    Hassan Joumal
    • Hello Hassan,

      the min. requirements for using the Adobe Dosucment Service (ADS) is a NW04 Java stack.

      Thus, you will not be able to use the ADS for the CRM4.0 version. PLease also check out Product Availability Matrix (PAM) for landscape requirements and possible combinations.

      Pelase let me know if you need further information.

      Thanks, Thilo