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SAP Insider – CRM 2008 Post Presentation Q&A – Extend your market reach and increase your marketing budget via channel marketing funds

Intent of this Post-Presentation Series

This is one in a series of postings by the presenters of the SAP Insider Conference “CRM 2008” held in Las Vegas, March 2-5.  The comment/talkback feature below provides an opportunity for attendees to interact directly with the presenters and comment or ask questions about their respective CRM presentations.

Title of the Session

Extend your market reach and increase your marketing budget via channel marketing funds


  • Learn how you can leverage channel marketing funds processes to play a key role in getting your channel partners to focus their marketing efforts on specific brands.
  • Get an in-depth look at these capabilities, which have been significantly enhanced in SAP CRM partner channel management  cosponsor the marketing efforts of its channel partners.
  • Determine the benefits and advantages your organization can quickly achieve by implementing any of the co-marketing programs, such as market development funds (MDF), co-op funds, and business development funds (BDF).
  • Hear how your organization can streamline management of channel marketing programs, plan appropriate marketing activities or initiatives, and provide partners with self-service capabilities for requesting funding and entering claims as part of the process.
  • Finally, get insight into the effectiveness of channel marketing expenditures.
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  • Hi,

    Thanks for sharing the info., I have seen CRM2007 and gone thrgh MDF in got a brief idea about MDF.While am checking the system i cannot see MDF Program , Special Program(which helps in achieving business objects)in customizing .Am just curious to know how MDF Initiative and so on ,how system manages the process.

    I would appreciate if you can post them in detail.



    • Hi,

      For more detailed information on MDF in CRM 2007, please check out the ramp-up knowledge transfer information on the SAP service market place. -> SAP CRM 2007 -> Partner Channel Management -> Market Development Funds.

      You also find relevant information in the SAP Implementation Guide (IMG) under Customer Relationship Management -> Partner Channel Management -> Market Development Funds -> …

      Hope this helps.
      Best regards,